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Singapore starhub 2010 Jan 29-30

Posted by tamaya on 27 January 2010 - 02:08 PM in Hong Kong Male Artists
Calling all Singapore and Malaysian fans. Mark your calendar if you wish to get upclose and personal with Steven.

StarHub and TVB have also jointly arranged for popular TVB artistes : Moses Chan, Nancy Sit, Sonija Kwok and Steven Ma to meet and greet their fans at StarHub's festive celebrations held at Plaza Singapura from 2pm on 30 and 31 January.

StarHub and TVB present StarHub TVB Awards gala event and meet-and-greet sessions with TVB artistes  StarHub and TVB will present the StarHub TVB Awards gala event at the Ritz Carlton Singapore on 29 January 2010. Top-notch TVB artistes, including Raymond Lam, Charmaine Sheh, Moses Chan and Susanna Kwan are expected to grace the event, which marks the culmination of a two-month long campaign whereby local fans were invited to nominate and vote for their favourite TVB artistes online and via SMS. The StarHub TVB Awards will be attended by over 500 guests comprising StarHub’s customers and corporate clients, and fans of TVB productions.

Steven will arrive in Singapore on the 29th at 12.55pm on flight no#CX717.

The StarHub tvb award gala
Date:Friday, 1/29
Time: 7 pm
Venue: Ritz Carlton Hotel

AF repost thread starhub posts start at #49
Tamaya: Imo, these awards were just for show 作秀 as part and parcel of TVB's contract agreement with its overseas customers, in this case, Starhub. Thus the exhibition of some of its "gems" who can make the parade. 

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AF# 64 blogger's take on 1/31 roadside show
......The crowd was huge when I reached there with my sister at around 1.30 pm...
The event was supposed to start at 2 pm but the artistes only reached there at around 2.45 pm. Amongst all, Steven Ma has the most huge fan base in Singapore as his fans' cheering was the loudest. ....

AF posted 01 February 2010 - 03:00 PM
Tamaya: insanity1903, you and your friends and the crowd were such good audience with your cheers and screams. The boisterous cheers truly heightened the festive atmosphere there. Steven's so lucky to have such a lively and supportive audience to cheer him on. Wish I was there too. Thanks for your report and vid.Sigh! Steven should really do something to his hair to suit his face better. So he sang only one song? Who else was there? How long did the roadshow last? Will wait for your upload then.

youtube links 
Steven and Fala's interview

S: Singapore friends, how are you? (ni men hao!) . Huh? You've already watched it? So fast? Really?
S: They were talking about the series that has just finished airing in Hong Kong.
H: What's its name?
S: A Watchdog's Tale (Lou Yau Gao Gao)
H: In Lou Yau Gao Gao, it was a breakthrough role for you, right?
S: Right

H: In this series, you broke away from your usual Mr. Nice Guy role. In LYGG, you have a foul mouth, right?
S: Right, Chow Yong Gong grew up in a walled village. His character is more coarse, and quite horny.
H: total opposite from you. You are neither coarse nor horny. True?
S: Quite true. ..hehee! Also he has a foul mouth.. frequently rib people, especially Linda Chung. (crowd cheers)
H: Wasn't that tough on you then? Because you are usually very si-man in your speech and you're very cultured.
S: Which is why many of my friends, after watching this series, think I've a split personality.
H: How foul is your mouth? Let's find someone for you to scold. (indicating the audience) Who do you want to scold?

S: I couldn't bear to
H: Could not bear to? Scold me then.
S: Not interested. Hahaha!
H: Haha! this is good, not interested. Last night we saw Steven received an award. Let us all congratulate him now!
S: Thank you! (bowing to the audience)
H: for the character Xie Wang Shang. .. (wow! The host speaks so fast) Oftentimes, you acted in ancient dramas.

S: Right. I've said this last night, because the award is for Xie Wang Shang. Actually for the past few years, whether at the tv studios, or on the streets, many Hong Kong friends would say to me: Aiya, Ma Zai, you actually have hair. They thought I didn't have hair. My head was often shaved. Or that they are not use to seeing me without a hairpiece. So sometimes I too ask myself if maybe I was...
H: born in the wrong era? You should be a person from an ancient time.

S: Maybe so. I quite like filming ancient dramas. But besides ancient dramas, I also like acting in modern dramas like On the track or off, and the recent A Journey called life. Actually I like all kinds. In March, I’ll start a new series. Hmm, what? (distracted by a shout in the audience.)

H: Stupid Cupid
S: You've watched that too? So fast! This series is quite interesting to watch. I played a fishmonger in a market. My character is called Ci Yi Bao. He is a simple man. And does not dare to express his feelings. He's always a step slower than other people.

H: So your characters are all very different. Just like how it was with your character in Sweetness in the salt. (cheers from audience) It will be showing on our tv starting 2/2.
S: SITS... In many interviews, I had mentioned that the character Nie Zhi Yuen is most like my personality. Because he keeps his feelings hidden inside. Not used to sharing his worries and problems with other people.

H: Don't be that way. They would all like to hear your feelings.
S: But I need a longer period to talk about my feelings.
H: No problem. Lets make time .
S: I worry I won't be able to get done even by dusk.
H: Well, actually there's someone at the back who needs to catch a plane soon (Moses) So Nie Zhi Yuen is most like you?
S: Yes, also I had the most fighting scenes in that series too.

H: In whatever series Ma Zai was in, I observe a particular characteristic, is that you are very much into your characters, very natural. That whoever acted your father would indeed become your father, those who acted your sisters would truly become your sisters. You quickly found a tacit understanding with them.
S: So that there can sparks between us.

H: Maybe because of your personality, more causal, more caring of other people
S: eh, True.
H: Because I observed that during the awards presentation night. Also, the employees later commented that he is very considerate artiste, like a friend kind of feeling. So this kind of genuine feeling can be found in your series characters.
S: Yes,
H: well, because of time constraint today... do you want him to sing?
Audience: Yes!
S: Sorry, I'm only scheduled to sing tomorrow.

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