Book - 圖文並謬

land gull
durian mangosteen romance
pork bones veggie soup
forget hate
drunk writing style
a magic portal
Mr. Nice Guy
I was a salesman
loh fung
Book - Bumblebee
practising the golden mean of Confucianism
black and white
Insist on calling it angst
chicken or egg first?
learning emphasizes self-deficiency
I truly cried
If only
superman,laser, fight monsters
In remembrance
anxiety attacks
short sightedness view the world
despondence! perseverance!
smelly tofu
what is good?
4 charges against me - blog entry is found in the book too.
which is scarier?
middle aged men, middle aged women?
heaven and hell
Dignity is priceless
blowing own trumpet
book thread

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