Friday, April 1, 2016

NOTICE: Steven's upcoming USA concert

Steven Ma & Irene Yeh (葉璦菱)
Venue: Cache Creek Casino Resort
Date: Sunday, 5/1/16
Showtime: 1 & 4:00 PM
Ticket purchase
Cost: $58/ 78/ 128

馬浚偉 Morongo 演唱會
Sunday 5/15/2016 4PM
Tickets: $98/$68/$48
Morongo Casino Resort & Spa
49500 Seminole Dr.
Cabazon, CA 92230

Tickets coming soon!!!

Interesting! His 2 US concerts are held 2 weeks+ apart. Does that mean making 2 separate long flights to the US? If so, so tiring!

Friday, March 4, 2016

eta song links: Notice: Steven's upcoming HK concert

Below is Steven's song list with song links.  No details and/or date as yet of said concert at this time.

I am totally baffled by his song list - only one song (憐憫我) from his numerous albums is on the list, and none composed by him.  How come? Didn't he say the main reason for releasing his Cherish albums is so that he can sing original new songs in his concert? What's changed? A pity since he has so many good songs from his numerous albums that his fans truly cherish. (with cds selling on ebay as much as US$87) Not that I can attend this concert, but if I do, I would much rather listen to a mixture of his original songs, theme songs, and cover songs. Imho, there are too many cover songs and not enough of his own songs (theme songs don't count) on the list - he is after all a bono fide singer in his own right with 16 albums so why neglect them?  As fan of his albums, his dismissal of his own songs truly saddens me.

On a different level, I think most music composers and lyricists would hesitate to compose songs for someone who won't deign to even sing their songs in his own concert. Unless covering popular oldies is a requisite set by sponsors or partner (x樂樂) for the concert (or that the concert theme is nostalgia), I think Steven is missing out on a good opportunity to familiarize if not promote his own songs as treat to his fans in the audience. Just saying! This upcoming concert is a "SM doing cover songs concert" instead of a "Steven Ma concert".  Am I being too harsh? [思考]


Date: June 5 at 8 pm (Sunday)
Venue: Shatin Town Hall
Tickets: $480, $380, $280
Time: 7:30 pm (hmm! not 8 pm as stated on above notice?)

song links
4. 錯認
5. happenstance (偶然)
6. 但願人長久
7. 漁舟唱晚
8. chu ge (楚歌)
9. 一點燭光 / 如此認識我
12. 李香蘭
13. 不了情
15, 忘盡心中情
17. 萬水千山縱橫潇洒走一回沧海一声笑
18. 天意

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Steven on Viu TV《同2047特首上學去》

ViuTV facebook

Monday, February 29, 2016

Steven's best wishes to Linda on her marriage

Apparently, quite a few of Linda's artiste friends knew about her secret marriage to Jeremy including Steven himself. Turn out Linda not only told Steven of her secret marriage to Jeremy but also let him check out Jeremy in person too. Too bad Steven couldn't attend Linda's wedding ceremony held last Saturday in Vancouver, Canada due to filming commitments. Congratulations to Linda on her marriage!

When news first broke of Linda's flash marriage, a reporter contacted Steven about it. Steven tried covering it up for her at first but when told Linda herself had already publicly acknowledged her marriage, he said with alacrity: "Of course, I'm very happy for her. She actually invited me to her wedding but I can't go due to filming commitments. But earlier I've had a meal with her to celebrate. I'm very happy for her. Hope she'll be happy always"   source


Steven told the reporter that last year after Linda and Jeremy got married (12/25/2015) they flew back to Hong Kong. Linda especially called up Steven for a meal so that she could introduce her husband to Steven. (her goh goh). Apparently, Jeremy left a good impression on Steven at their first meeting. Steven said: "He's a doctor, not some fickle-minded player. We talked all night. From his words and demeanor, I sensed his stable personality. He seems like a practical and pragmatic person. But what's most important is that I could see he loves Linda deeply." ETA: source

TN: Incidentally, when Fala became steady with  her former boyfriend (Daniel Sit), she too  introduced him to Steven. (her goh goh) During that period, Steven and Fala even double dated with their respective partners. 





Saturday, February 6, 2016

Chicago Concert 12-27-2015


fb source

Yes! Steven finally retired his overused shanghai bund medley. Though audiences are mostly different for each concert but yay to his finally revamping his song repertoire with new songs.

His security guards definitely worked hard for their money 'protecting' their subject from overzealous fans.

Putting aside the obvious safety issues, I'm of two minds about singers (not just Steven) shaking hands with fans on or off stage. On the one hand, singer-fans' physical interactions naturally induce and inject excitement into an already heightened, contagious atmosphere of anticipation   - exactly how a spirited and animated idol concert should be. On the other hand, the pandemonium caused can be/is disruptive to audience's overall enjoyment in that their view is being constantly and consistently blocked by the crowds pooling at the the stage (especially irksome to those who paid good money for premier seating). I myself was both irked and distracted by fans constantly rushing down from all directions toward the stage during a performance. But then what's an idol concert without these small bands of zealous fans whipping up excitement, eh? Yes, excitement heightens the atmosphere but can excitement be aroused without the said distractions during the performance? Maybe all physical interactions should be relegated towards the end of the concert? Quite a dilemma!
What say you?

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

馬浚偉早期金曲串燒 Steven Ma Meldley

Published on Jan 20, 2016 by Lifeline 1998

0:00 幸運就是遇到你/ 0:48 夜長夢多/ 1:25 遙遠的心/ 2:!2 這刻向你衝/ 3:05 回憶/ 3:55 不再悲觀/ 5:21 情人的小說/ 6:34 求婚勿語/7:17 願望用一生愛你/ 8:43 不應該發生/ 9:18 好想擁抱一個人/ 9:55 曾經幾許/ 10:46 你是我的日與夜/ 11:25 玫瑰和家明/ 11:51 頭頂一片天/ 12:36 流沙/ 13:23 帝女花/ 14:11 想飛/ 14:57 會友之鄉

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Update: Steven's 2015 Dec 27 concert in Hammond, In

Steven Ma concert complimentary tickets are available to diners at any one of the Tony Gourmet Group of Lao Restaurants (芝加哥老字号餐饮) in Chicago!  see Chicago locations  source Weibo dec 11 2015 10:24


Date: 2015 Dec 27
Time: 9 pm
Venue: The Venue in Horseshoe Casino
Address: 777 Casino Center Dr,Hammond,IN 46320
(a 24 minutes drive from Chicago)

Ticket hotlines:
  May Mak 219-473-6375
  Kathy Huang 219-473-6376
  Jenny Ng 219-473-6333
  Ly Voong 219-473-6316

2015-12-26 21:30

Wonder why Steven or Sandy did not give the heads-up for this upcoming concert so fans could make plans to attend?  Given the short notice, I myself won't be able to attend this as I have pre-arranged plans for that week. Too bad!

On a different topic, Steven can even visit this Cross of Christ that he has so wanted to see in person, and while at it, go skiing at the nearby ski resort.

date first posted: Dec 8, 2015

Sunday, December 6, 2015

REVISED: weibo 2015 dec screenplay

12月6日 01:46  Script writing is a lonely road; the more you know, the lonelier you could only become; only you know what you know thus only you can resolve it! I'm going crazy! Everybody, quickly give me support. The writing is tough but (I) can do it and do it well, too. Don't worry!  If have free time, give me a 'like' la!


From the uploaded pix, looks like the script involves Xu Zhimo and Zhang Youyi.  Good luck on his writing which is indeed not only a lonely process but a lengthy one, too.

From my superficial read-up on Xu Zhimo, though unimpressed by Xu's character (defiant, selfish and totally spoiled by his parents, that being said, his indomitable spirit is admirable), I do however sympathize with his situation brought on by his time -- fueled by youthful rebelliousness and youthful single-mindedness, idealism, romantic notions, a poet's passion and temperament, and newly acquired modern ideas he felt alienated and fettered by China's close-minded society, Chinese cultures and traditions, Chinese morals and values, Chinese superstitions and Chinese filial obligations. In short, Chinese conventions clashed with his newly acquired western education and worldly exposure. Given his young age (a mere 18- year-old teenager when he got married), he was gutsy to sever these societal shackles (as the first couple in China at the time to get a divorce) just so he could live his life the way he envisioned it, and to be with the woman he loved at the time. Unfortunately and inevitably, his defying parents and China society in pursuit of own happiness hurt the people who loved him, and in the end, he still did not achieve the happiness he longed for. 

The times were against him.  Indeed, he lived a typical poet's life - inspired but tragic and unfulfilled because he felt so much more with a poet's heart and idealism.  He's a man both inspired and subverted by his times;  a man both energized and disillusioned by the women he loved; a romantic idealist whose life was gradually but inevitably sapped by the everyday living and society's expectations - he's a Jonathan Livingston's seagull with wings clipped.

Take away his romances with 3 women, his tumultuous life exemplifies that of many an overseas returnee who after having lived in a more open and advanced western society found it difficult to adjust and conform to the old world China society, and to marry a wife not of his choosing. They were all being tugged between familial duty and society's expectations against individual freedom and personal desires, those like Xu defied while others conformed to marrying a legal wife (of his parents' choosing) with mistresses aplenty on the side. Yes, Xu was caught in a time warp but he was still a cad for his callous treatments towards his 1st wife, Zhang. Their divorce was a blessing in disguise for Zhang as it released her from being a long suffering wife to a husband who  did not love her, and for her to find her inner strength and fortitude, thus becoming the strong woman that she was thereafter. Anyway, Xu got his comeuppance.  Pity that the footnote to this great Chinese poet is that theirs were the first divorce of irreconcilable differences in China. Indeed, Xu was a man before his time.  Perhaps had his parents and society not trapped the unwilling Xu in an arranged marriage at such a young age, could his and Zhang's tragedy be averted?


Below is a video on 1st wife Zhang Youyi

Huang Lei did an excellent portrayal of Xu Zhimo, and he was so cute then.
Young Huang Lei and young Steven have similar cultured and scholarly feel.
Wonder how Zhou Jie (of Huang Zhu Ge Ge) did on his 2013 stage play on Xu Zhimo's life?

Steven's fascination with Xu Zhimo thread
Steven's scriptwriting process
Bound feet and Western Dress 
Pheonix TV  Xu Zhimo's personality
20140512 《徐志摩生命中的女人》之《发妻张幼仪》
lu xiaoman  那一场风花雪月的往事 陆小曼 徐志摩 1/2
lu xiaoman 那一场风花雪月的往事 陆小曼 徐志摩 2/2

Monday, November 16, 2015

two men over a woman - rotc

epi 16 Lai Shun a confident man

So, how long has Kwan Ho known Lai Shun - months? Definitely less than a year versus her whole life with Man Chor.  So isn't it natural that she would run to her most beloved 'brother', who is most precious to her next to her mom, not necessarily because of romantic love but familial love?  Putting aside the question of romantic love vs familial love, can her ingrained love for Man Chor be so easily overcome by love for Lai Shun, who was but a mere stranger not so long ago? So, in the same concept of "who would you save, your mother or your wife?  Who indeed!

Anyway, if I were Lai Shun faced with this dilemma I would remove/distant myself from Kwan Ho and risk losing her, so that she can have the space to make up her mind - after all, they have just started dating not that long ago. Yes, they like each other,  but their passion I don't see nor feel between KH with Lai Shun, or for that matter, between KH and Man Chor?  This whole series to me is a warm drama  high on familial love and friendship but as an 'unforgettable' triangle love story, it totally lacks the intensity and  romantic passion unlike the similar 讓愛 trope in Sweetness in the Salt Anyway Kwan Ho is still a university undergraduate so what's the hurry to get marry? Is it the time period - what year did this story take place?  Anyway, this is a TVB series - don't ask why, it just is!

Friday, November 13, 2015

11/13/2015 weibo Steven's oath

Poisoned, possessed, consumed by writing! Don't misunderstand, not a book, something more exhilarating! A pledge to my partner and myself; a year later, AA's first production will, this post as evidence! 

11月13日 15:23  中毒了、著魔了,寫得入迷了!別誤會,不是書本,更是刺激的!必須答應伙伴和自己,一年後,AA的首個作品,必須面世......今天,以此post為証!

TN: Such drama! Best wishes!

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Updated to ep 12- Rotc video clips

epi 12 - Steven's Stupid 傻

epi 16 song by Steven: 忘不掉

epi 11 song by Steven: 忘不掉

epi 11 How lucky can Kwan Ho be? So, how many times did Lai Shun chase after an angry/upset Kwan Hor, too many times to count?

Episode 1 Lai Shun gives direction in English.

Episode 6  Lai Shun and Kam Sing sing karaoke duet.

Re-watching ROTC rerun - at episode x presently. At the time, among the three guys namely: Man Chor, Lai Shun and Kam Sing, I thought Kam Sing to be the handsomest, and my opinion stays the same. Kam Sing has the misunderstood, brooding masculine good looks. Today, all three maintain their good looks - Father Time has indeed been kind to them all. Somehow I've never thought Julian as handsome but admittedly he can be quite charming. His Man Chor is more on the cutesy side, Btw, Julian totally nailed his character with an award worthy performance.  Lai Shun has the si-man scholarly good looks. It's weird how Lai Shun alternates between looking pretty tan and milky pale in different scenes.  Among  the three male characters, his Mr. Perfect Nice Guy is rather bland, so far anyway. As for Kwan Ho, she is so loud and noisy and shrilling and rude and materialistic and whining and totally spoiled rotten by her mom and Chor gor gor.  But she does look cute with her short hair. I forwarded all her piggyback on Man Chor's scenes, just like I did for her Princess Cheung Ping and Sai Hin's praying scenes.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

ETA: More ROTC news


ETA: Headline video  I can't dl this video. A more detailed video whereby Steven relates how he was first contacted by Stephen Shiu on wechat (not phone as initially reported)


source 粤夜粤娱乐20151111  The hosts admire Steven's graciousness at attending the premiere to show support despite that inevitable twinge of disappointment at being left out in the movie.

source: HotTV@Bastille Post

So, per this latest appledaily report, looks like Steven was actually invited by producer Stephen Shiu last year on his birthday (not this year birthday) to photoshoot a funeral and a wedding portrait. Given this extra, defining information, "my last year birthday" (上年我生日) Steven was not an afterthought after all, so I gladly take back what I said about the whole matter about him being slighted, used and discarded. Just two omitted words, "上年", can so effectively change the whole picture and perspective for me. So Helen Ma's 2014 Dec weibo happily declaring that Lai Shun was in the cast is true after all. Now, I'm all right with Steven agreeing to a cameo in the series.









Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Return of the Cuckoo news

wallpaper size pix source
Steven's video interview

Steven: "I was moved by the script after listening to Director Kong's narration.  I know that Lai Shun loved Kwan Ho very much, they even got married but if Lai Shun doesn't die, how can Man Chor and Kwan Ho further develop their love story? They (scriptwriters) had to come up with a (catalytic) explanation, and death is a pretty good one. But how come after he (Lai Shun) died he still reappears, that's Patrick Kong's effort.  I've known Stephen Shiu for 20 years now, even before he was in entertainment we already knew each other, most people don't know that."

TN: Moreover, Kwan Ho as a grieving widow elicits audience's sympathy compares to a divorced Kwan Ho of a failed marriage.

Edited: So, Steven's participation was not an afterthought, after all. He said movie producer Stephen Shui called him up (on his birthday) to ask if he could shoot a Lai Shun's funeral portrait for the movie. Such timing!  (lol) Guess Steven graciously obliged Shiu's request. But Steven was leaving for Taiwan (eta: he was at the airport) so he postponed their talk. When Steven got back to Hong Kong from his Taiwan trip, Director Kong emailed him the details.  Somehow the proposed photoshoot became a cameo shoot. (or was it always a cameo scene?)  Steven read the script and apparently was moved by the story.  He understood that Lai Shun must be sacrificed (died) to fulfill Kwan Ho and Man Chor's great love story.  There you go, Lai Shun put on the altar as the sacrificial lamb to appease  Kwan Ho and Chor gor gor's shippers. And to add spice, Kwan Ho suspected Lai Shun of infidelity before his untimely death. Ever the understanding husband, Lai Shun comforts a guilt-wrecked Kwan Ho to accept her one great love - her and everybody's Chor Gor Gor. But to add more spice and melodrama, CGG apparently has terminal cancer - dang! this poor guy just can't get a break.

Anyway, because of his long time friendship with Mr. Shiu, Steven accepted his offer as a show of support for Shiu and for the movie. When asked whether he was paid for having his his funeral portrait taken, Steven said he got a "lai si" (red packet) for his performance.

Aside, what's with him wearing his stark white unlaced sneakers with his suit?  It's like the shoes are wearing him instead of the reverse.

on.cc東網專訊】蕭定一親邀幫忙 馬浚偉客串演出收利是


客串演阿佘老公 馬浚偉生日拍遺照

Monday, November 9, 2015

"Next Station I love you" wins 2015 International family film festival Award

IFFF (international Family Film Fest) awarded Next Station is Love (HK) the best 2015 feature foreign drama. 

Congratulations to Steven! 

What is IFFF?
IFFF was founded in 1993 as a “grassroots” non-profit organization by Chris Shoemaker, Suzanne Shoemaker and Patte Dee McKee (still active directors), IFFF formed to exhibit and advocate for the production of family films – a driving purpose that continues today. IFFF builds a peaceful global family through the discovery and sharing of quality stories by emerging artists and production companies.


Hollywood, CA – It was a fitting commemoration of the Platinum Edition of the International Family Film Festival this past weekend at Raleigh Studios. With over 100 films from 17 countries screened - there was something for the whole family. The complete list of festival finalists and winners are available at All films and screenplays shared a common thread - the enriching role that family plays in the stories of our lives.

source link

Friday, November 6, 2015

Steven's ambushed by TVB ET Reporters

video source: Helena Wong FB

So, Steven's doctor visit turned into an ambush by an intrusive, in-your-face reporter,  a TVB ET news team no less, and on the street to boot.  So, TVB is doing trashy, street reporting now? Reminds me of KC's Eastweek news on losing his temper at a reporter's intrusiveness.  utube video Same kind of trashy tabloid news reporting.

Steven Ma as cameo in ROTC movie.

hkchannel 《十月初五的月光》阿佘馬浚偉人鬼情未了

Steven has a cameo appearance in the Return of the Cuckoo movie version. He appears in Kwan Ho's dream.  In the trailer, she suspected Lai Soon of having an extramarital affair because of his abnormal behavior before his death and their two children's.


News English translation below credit hyn5

Return of the Cuckoo" Final Trailer & Making Of; Steven Ma Guest Stars
In the movie, Kwan Ho's experience is extremely tragic. Her entire family dies in an accident, leaving her wandering on the edge of life of death time and again by herself. Steven Ma, who portrays Szeto Lai Sun, also makes a secret appearance in the movie. Because his character has already died in the movie, there is a scene where Kwan Ho sorrowfully recollects her husband, reuniting with Lai Sun in a dream. Regarding this, Steven laughingly said, "Ha ha. Yes, it is the unfulfilled love between a human and a ghost. Actually, this time, Director [Patrick Kong] invited me to guest-star. He has a lot of heart toward this movie. He even specially asked to meet with me to discuss and explain the story. He was very sincere. I was also touched by this story of his! 'Return of the Cuckoo' is a series from many years ago. Believe that everyone has the feeling of collective memories. I personally also really love this story. Hope that my appearance will give everyone some surprises!"

Creating Sparks When Collaborating Again
Steven has not collaborated with Charmaine Sheh for many years. Reuniting in "Return", he also feels very happy: "Collaborated with Charmaine in the 'Return' series, then 'Perish in the Name of Love, and then collaborating in Mainland...the feeling is still amiable, happy, and full of chemistry. When filming, we both said that we look forward to collaborating again! Anyway, I think that my appearance in this movie is a blessing for Kwan Ho and Man Chor. Hope that they have a good ending".


Below English translated news credit hktopten
Artists Julian Cheung Chi Lam and Charmaine Sheh Si Man starred in the film RETURN OF THE CUCKOO (SUP YUET CHOR NG DIK YUET GUONG) yesterday released its final trailer that contained a lot of spoilers, including "Kwan Ho" Sheh Si Man's bathtub suicide and "QE" Nancy Sit Ka Yin's hospital crying scenes. Steven Ma Chun Wa's guest starring role in the film was also unveiled for the first time. 

Ma Chun Wai's character actually was an extension of his character Szeto Lai Shun from the television series. Because in the film his character already died, "Kwan Ho" Sheh Si Man remembered her late husband in one scene and reunited with Lai Shun in her dream. Ma Chun Wai said, "Haha! It's like GHOST! Actually this time director Yip Lim Sum (Patrick Kong) invited him to guest star. He put a lot of thought into this film. He even asked to meet with me to explain the story. He was very sincere. His new story also moved me. I hope that my appearance will give the audience a pleasant surprise!" 

After years without working with Sheh Si Man, Ma Chun Wai said that the RETURN reunion pleased him very much. "After working with Ah Sheh on the RETURN OF THE CUCKOO television series, we worked on PERISH IN THE NAME OF LOVE (DAI NUI FA). Then we worked together in the Mainland. The feeling was as familiar as usual, pleasant and full of chemistry. During the shoot we both said that we looked forward to our next collaboration very much!"

The Sun

Lai Soon's tender look and loving eyes.with a tinge of sadness. 

screencap source: 《十月初五的月光》阿佘馬浚偉人鬼情未了

tn: Way back in Dec 2014, Helen Ma mentioned on weibo that Steven would be in the ROTC cast but she never confirmed her earlier comment, so that's that.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Updated: Steven's apartment News 2015 10-26 SM's birthday

Today (10/26) is Steven Ma's 44th birthday.  As he has finished filming his new mainland tv series 《驚天岳雷》on location in Wuxi, he is able to celebrate his birthday in Hong Kong with family and friends. He says: "This year I won't be having a birthday party. Will only call up a few friends to eat out. Just have a quiet and pleasant birthday. Actually since early October, I've been receiving birthday greetings and wishes nonstop.  My mainland fans visited me at Wuxi Studio especially to celebrate my birthday with me. On  October 18 while at Zhuhai for a stage performance, another group of fans brought me a birthday cake.  I'm very happy to have received so many birthday wishes and presents. Thank you, everybody."

When asked about his birthday wish, he says with smile: "For the people around me to have good health and happiness. Don't want to see frequent natural or man-made catastrophes, or other horrific happenings."

Early this year while his apartment was being renovated, Steven had to live elsewhere for several months. When he returned to his newly renovated apartment and saw how neat and tidy his furniture and stuff looked, he, all of a sudden, felt the merit of the "5-Ss*".  He says: "A home does not have to be too opulent. Nowadays, I don't want complexity. Just want simplicity. Presently, I don't even want to hang any paintings on my walls.  I enjoy that uncluttered feel. When Susanna visited me, she wanted to get me something. I said no need. She insisted.  So, I finally told her to give me a tissue box cover.  A friend thought I didn't have enough kitchen knives, so wanted to give me a set. I needed that so I accepted.  I thank my friends for their thoughtfulness but I truly don't wish to accumulate unnecessary stuff. I've enough necessities." He prefers friends to give him either food items or items that can be used. He says:  "If truly want to give me a birthday present, then make a donation to a charitable organization and give me the donation receipt for keepsake. That's more meaningful."

When asked when he is going to marry and start a family, he says: "If you see, (him dating) then you'll see. If (you) don't see me with someone then that means I still haven't found one yet."

When asked as rumored, if he is going to film a TVB series early next year, he says, "TVB is my alma mater, if there's a suitable script I'm willing to film it. Presently, I don't have a contract with TVB. I'm a free agent, so any unit can approach me for collaboration. Other companies have contacted me too. I'll definitely consider their offer if the script and timing are suitable."

Hong Kong 5-Ss.
常組織 Structurise
常整頓 Systematise
常清潔 Sanitise
常規範 Standardise
常自律 Self-discipline

Note: In the past, SM baidu fans had made several donations to charities in his name. Steven was so touched when he found out about their kind deeds, and said as much on weibo.
--- link1

sources: singpao;; east38
Related materials on Steven's apartment. label

Friday, October 23, 2015

2000 News: A different kind of gangster - gu wak jai

 Steven as Siu Fung in his  2000 movie "To Where he Belongs" with Simon Yam and Gigi Lai.

Video: Steven's interview with Singtao

Steven rehashing how he got into the music industry.

weibo news
English translation of news print source

note: Yes, Steven has admitted he is a very conservative on how he invests his money (the quintessential risk-averter investor) as per this 2009 game show 財智達人. He would rather buy gold bars and keep them at home than invest in stocks.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Now and then - Song Emperor vs Qing Emperor

17 years later .....
Haiz! What's with the belly bulge?

kingly maturity vs kingly vulnerability

burdened heart vs brash bravado

Parent-child tender moment

An Emperor's wrath

An Emperor's anticipation

an Emperor's superiority

Unfortunately, most screencaps on baidu sm are don't work anymore, pity.
1998 domd photo album - baidu