Saturday, May 1, 2010

2003 Dai Nui Fa music album

Steven -- Never forgetting charity
Steven held a reporters event promoting his new album "San Dai Lui Fa" despite the rain. The MTV of Dai Lui Fa's main theme has three versions in this album -- one is duet version, one consists of only the female voice and the other only the male voice.

Initially, he invited Charmaine Sheh to the event, but she was busy filming her new drama. However, she expressed over the phone that they had a wonderful time while cooperating. Steven took the opportunity to stress that he never complained about Charmaine's singing. In fact, Steven feels that Charmaine has a flair for rhythm. Steven added,"Whoever who said that Charmaine croaks must have meant it as a joke. Luckily we have cooperated on many occasions, our mutual understanding is there. Well, at first, Charmaine was nervous during recording, but she was very serious and her voice was smooth and turned out compatible with mine."

Corresponding with his new album, Steven will donate 5 dollars, for every album sold, to help deceased SARS victims' young family members as subsidies for their education and daily expenses. Steven said,"Ideally, I hope to raise 1 million, at the same time, this can also prove that my album is highly demanded for." However, Steven doesn't mind even if he makes losses as his main aim is to help the SARS affected victims.

Steven specially put on an 'opera look' to use it as his album cover. Steven also got himself an opera teacher. Steven said that he is rather busy recently being tied up with opera, computer lessons and English lessons.

Steven will be filming in China during July and will appear later on in a red cross advertising shot as he is the Blood-donating Ambassador for year 2003. Steven is appearing in government slogans for the fourth time this time. Previously, he had be ambassadors for Society Welfare, Anti-Drug and Cautious Driving. Although he is not paid for appearing in the slogans, he doesn't mind as he is doing something meaningful.

Steven's new album "Sun Dai Lui Fa" will be out today 06/05/03 in both HK and China.

thanks to VV and Nahn

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