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BUMPED UP: 2006 Adia Chan interview

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An Adia Chan's fan posted the video below on Steven's baidu site.

With Nnadia's recent marriage news, bump up this post as feature.
Nnadia picks Steven as her 1st choice good husband material.

2:30 source

In this talk show, 2006-4-4 part D "娜可不一样" Adia is asked which one among her 5 former tv series leading men including Ekin Cheng, Louis Koo, Julian Cheung, Gallen Lo and Steven Ma, would she choose as friend, as lover, as husband, as good co-star, and as big brother.

She thinks very highly of Ekin - mainly because she is more familiar with him.
Ekin Cheng ==== co-star, friend, lover,
Gallen ===a good big brother
Steven Ma === husband. If Ekin is her runaway first choice for friend, lover, and co-star, Steven is her 2nd choice behind him for those same categories.

Nnadia's comment on Steven's character
- has a strong sense of responsibility
- knows how to take good care of loved ones and family
- makes one feel very secured
- a very well-grounded person

What Adia says:
Won't pick Louis as bf because he is too "shuai", (handsome), therefore, no security as his gf.

On second thoughts, Julian is also a good co-star.

For casual dating, maybe the first four men, but serious dating with marriage in mind, it's Steven, definitely. 

original post 2010 Oct 4th.

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