Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Felt warm at seeing me, Tavia?

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Steven @Tavia yeung: 10/19 1:26 Felt warm at seeing me, right? hahahaha! Take care ah Yueng Mie! 
Must be something Tavia said to him when they met after the light switching ceremony that prompted the above weibo message.  Someone complimented Steven on his tie.

1:32 Fala: Watch out don't choke on the tie
1:37 Steven: Younger sister (mui), Today saw all three of you. On the stage with you and Linda and when leaving saw Yeung Mie!

Haha! Tavia finally responded Steven.

2:51 Tavia: Very warm indeed!
2:55 Steven: That's good then. Be careful, if have problems call me, ok?
2:56 Selena: Go to sleep my dear... 0900 tomorrow!!!! (actual words)
2:59 Steven to Selena: See you tomorrow
3:11 Sharon Chan: You're so nice!
3:56 Tavia: OK! ( belated response to Steven)

 @楊怡TaviaYeung 見到我係咪暖啲?哈哈哈哈!保重啊楊咩!
咁就算妳啦!小心啊,有問題打比我!ok! //@楊怡TaviaYeung:好warm吖

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