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Song Jie Secret Talk: Ma Zai TV King

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Song Jie Secret Talk: Ma Zai TV King
Lately, I have no interest whatsover in TVB series because those few series aired have no dramatic flavor in them at all. Even that series “Can’t Buy Me Love” that is so overblown by everybody; to me, it is merely a farce, a resplendently packaged farce, that’s all. I choose to only watch the sitcom, Someday, because it has an outstanding pairing of Teresa Mo with Wayne Lai, along with Louise Lee, Crystal Tin and Aimee Chan, as well as other characters who all have much room to showcase their roles. Moreover, the content is on everyday living and real life related. This is my cup of tea!  

TVB anniversary is coming up soon, and the programs sector has come up with a huge collection of new series. Among them that caught my interest is “Back To The Three Kingdoms”《回到三國》. I have also seen Steven Ma’s makeover as Guan Gong. Ma Zai (Steven) seldom has this kind of looks in a series. He looks very handsome and great (play on his name Chun Wai (浚/俊偉)) and also very impressive looking. Don’t know if TVB will truly produce “Back To The Three Kingdoms” as a series or not. As to this annual sales presentation, TVB always comes up with fresh ideas to attract commercial sponsors. If “Back To The Three Kingdoms” is truly a story on The Three Kingdoms, then much effort must be put into a good script, and must also have a larger investment, and go to Mainland China for outdoor scenery. But I believe Hong Kong does not have this capability to film “The Three Kingdoms”; nevertheless, hope Ma Zai has the opportunity to perform this kind of roles.

Ma Zai is a very special kind of artist in TVB. He can perform in a non-mainstream series, and moreover, effectively grasped the essence of his characters in the series. Like the character of Pu Song Ling, who is an unfamiliar character to us; that he could portray him so brilliantly, shows his skill. He does not especially fight for the tv king title, but he should have this opportunity.

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