Saturday, October 23, 2010

UPDATED: 4/10/2013 Why "Two Buffaloes"?

Way back when Steven first opened his weibo.
fan: Why Two-Buffaloes?
Steven: Ms. Lok named me Two-Buffaloes maybe because I'm industrious like a buffalo, and also as grounded as a buffalo.  Why 2 (2nd)? Because she is big sister, and we are all younger brothers!

Steven fans visited him at a public function 6.27.08 . Below is their transcript excerpt.
Fan: Why "2 buffaloes" 二牛? (his lyricist pseudonym for AJCL)

Steven: convenient as a lyricist. Be anonymous, so nobody knows it's me.

S: I want to organize a gathering

fan: Where?

S: In HK of course

Fan: When?

S: July 27th

Fan: When is Salt Traders coming out?

S: This year. The themesong has already been recorded. A duet between Tavia and me

fan: Who's your new leading lady?

S: Linda Chung. It's about people and dog(s)' relationship. production date: the end of July
*co-star will be Keng Cheng.

Fan: Is the dog yours?

S: no, someone's else.

Fan: Mazai, heard you & Ada will collaborate in a series.

S: can't be this year.

credit: 温馨马仔小屋

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