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2009 The Play: Gamemeister!!

With 2010 tvb anniversary awards just around the corner, reminiscing on last year awards.  Re-posting my facetious, envisioned behind the scene dialog among the tvb players after the awards night. 

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Posted 05 December 2009  

Disclaimer: Tongue in cheek, totally make-believe dialogues written in jest. No offense intended.

The Play: Gamemeister!!
Act 1: The Xtreme Manip Game
Players: tvb exe 1; tvb exe 2, Chair.
Venue: a conference room in TVB Inc. (as opposed to Monster, Inc.)

Chair: So how’re the winners doing so far? Any blood drawn yet?

Exe1: Bosco, though badly battered, is still holding his own albeit barely. But I’m disappointed at his fans’ relatively subdued reactions to his plight. Much more low key than expected. Think we should juice them up a bit?

Chair: What do you have in mind?

Exe1: Headlines: “Bosco: Wined and Dined into top 5!; Bosco: Groveled for a Top 5 Finish!! Bosco: Caught Sneaking out billionaire XXX’s Bedroom! (Dramatize with much fanfare!)

Chair: Just pick one. (wearily)

Exe1 : OK! (gleefully)

Exe2: (sneers) Those pesky, pathetic netizens thought they could make us bow to their demands. Hah! Didn’t they know we wrote the rules of the game. We’re the gamemeister; the ultimate manipulator!

Chair: Truly a stroke of genius to include poor, clueless Bosco in the fray! Brilliant! But he did do rather well in the polls, didn’t he?

Exe1: Yap! His votes count was surprising high enough to get him into top 5.

Chair: Not even one from Born Rich got in? (surprised)

Exe2: Nope! Guess their fans had better things to do than hang out online. Anyway, they’re a bunch of snobby ingrates; they thought themselves too good for us. Where would they be if not for TVB? Hah?

Chair: Whatever! (paused) So what’s the status quo?

Exe1: So far, going beautifully per our strategy. The Xtreme sweep generated lots of publicity for us, lots of exposure for the artistes, lots of heated, impassioned discussions online, and best of all, lots of good ole venom. A Good Show going indeed! Anyway, potential intransigent netizens have now been duly neutralized, appeased as they are by the results. Got to give it to them, getting their respective idols their awards. But still we control how the game got played out.

Exc2: (cackles smugly) Damn! It still galls me that we had to give in to their demands. But still, little did they know we’d cleverly planted incendiary sparks of contention to rile up the disgruntled just to spice things up for us. So who have the last laugh now.

Exe1) Yep! Spark 1) They wanted an award for Wayne, we gave him 3, and boy! are they burning his hand, not to mention put him in an extremely hotspot. Hahaha! It’s amusing how nonplussed those blasted netizens were by our generosity. They didn’t know what to make of it. Didn’t expect that of us, did they? They wanted a good show, we gave them just that. And sure enough as expected, not all were happy and some even turned against Wayne and Tavia. Listen to this post here: “I used to like Wayne before he became a male lead. Now he seems so arrogant! Don’t like him anymore.” Haha! Spark 2) Tavia! Tavia! Tavia! Blah! Blah! Blah! I was so tempted to give the damn best actress award to her just to have her fans pit against Sheren's. That would sure to generate lots of publicity for us.

Exe2: (cold smile) That would be a Good Show indeed! But it’s not worth cutting off our nose to spite the face.

Exe1: Yep! So we heaped her with 2 awards. Going Xtreme again. Haha! That really riled up her detractors! Such expressive venom! “What? She got two and Sheren got only 1?” WTH! “What about Charmaine?” “What? No way her acting was better than the BR ladies.” spark 3) And the coup de grace was the trick played on Charmaine, setting her up with her triple nominations but sending her home empty handed. Simply ingenious!! That will teach her. But she did put up a good show kissing Tavia on stage! Now that's topnotch acting for you. So yeah up yours, netizens, we had the last laugh.

Chair: Btw, what the heck was the Performance Award all about?

Exe2: Who cares? Let the netizens duke out its significance.

Chair: Why the cold shoulders to Charmaine?

Exe2: She dares to think of getting married!

Exe1: But get this. When we actually for the first time in a long while abide by the fan votes to select the top 5 best actors, they cried “RIGGED!” Oh, the irony of it. See (fn below in spoiler), as of Nov 17, the polls had Wayne, Moses, Bowie, Bosco and Steven in the leads. But then, Dayo snuck in from behind to kick out Bowie. By going Xtreme, we actually went by the polls unlike in the past years. Why else would Dayo be on the list instead of our very own Bowie. Wong Hei's not on the list because his fans did not bother to put him there.

Exe2: (sigh) No matter whatever we did, there is always people crying foul. Stupid netizens! Didn’t even know we’ve been manipulating their mentality. Like how we manipulated their minds to think an evil character can also mean favorite character. Before too long, we can even have them think sadistic a rapist can also be a most favorite character too, because of his sad upbringing. .

Chair: (turning to exe1) Yeah! Can you explain that logic to me? Frankly, that kind of mindset, though intriguing, truly troubles me. Is that why Tavia was given the favorite character award?

Exe1: Well, you know how gay now means homosexual? And cool now connotes stylish? So I guess, likewise, ‘most favorite’ that used to mean ‘most like’ or ‘beloved’ has now evolved to mean …to mean…(stumped, searching for words) a character that can spice up a series, be it chopping up of enemies or cackling evilly or doing other wicked stuff. Guess Tavia got the favorite character award because they like men to the few good men and their women bad.

Chair: Times sure have changed. You mean now my favorite character can include: Freddy Kruger, Chucky, Hector Hannibal, Jason, Voldemort, Snape and the like? Guess if not for bad timing, Sonija could have had bagged the same award for her villainess role. (paused) Well, anything else I need to know? No? Then the meeting is adjourned. Oh, btw, if Bosco survives this roasting, go ahead and promote him next year, as planned.

Exe1: Ok!

Steven in his tvbblog vid called out to his fans to cast their votes for Wayne instead of for him, which many of them did. Later, a Steven fan, who had access to inside info, rallied fans to halt because as of Nov 17, Wayne was way ahead of the pack with vote count as high as 11 times over Steven's.

my post 1928 in Steven Ma's thread.

Translation: The top 5 for now: Wayne, Moses, Bowie, Bosco, and Steven. Steven is ahead of Kevin by a mere 1% margin only. Since Wayne’s votes are 11 times over Steven’s, he (Wayne) will win for sure, so no need to vote for him now. Instead, Steven needs our votes!.

黎耀祥 、陳豪、林保怡、黄宗澤、馬浚偉
馬浚偉以 1% 稍勝鄭嘉穎
如果 TVB 高層決策要捧鄭,投票給他,馬仔便會輸給鄭,因此要看今後日子的票數了,黎得的票是馬仔的11倍,因此贏梗,不用投他啦,馬仔需要票!

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