Friday, November 5, 2010

Ah Gong street singing scene

Watch Ah Gong street singing scene

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Ah Gong: Are you sure Lulu Sir is training me (to build up his self-confidence) not just playing me?
Sammi: Do it. It'll work.

Watchdog episode 14
It was hilarious how Lulu sir made Ah Gong sing on the street supposedly to build up the latter's self-confidence. Lulu Sir reasons that Ah Gong's own lack of self-confidence is what holding him back from properly training Ah Wong. To instill confidence in him, Lulu Sir got Ah Gong to make a spectacle of himself by singing a song in the public. Ah Gong rightly is suspicious of Lulu Sir's real motive, that he is being played a fool instead. He begs to back out but Sammi urges him along. So there he is, completely exposed on a public street, a sideshow of utter embarrassment and fidgety discomfiture. But Ah Gong is nothing if not 'courageous' especially egged on by his 'reward' (a man in love will do anything for his 'woman', a sideshow? nothing to it.) His voice raised a pitch, he explains to the gathering crowd that he is going to sing a song. Biting the bullet, he 'aargh' and promptly belts out a song, phone cameras immediately start clicking away. (I’m surprised those pictures weren't posted online by the extras.) I've to say, Ah Gong can't hold a tune even if Sammi thinks he didn’t do so badly. What a guy! I laughed every time I re-watch this scene.

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