Saturday, November 27, 2010

AJCL: Death's Outreach! (part 1)

epi 19
How does one pick up the thread of normal life when one’s world is shattered? Where to start, how to start? A vacation? But how does one get away from one’s thoughts of what could have been; Hoi Yin, a blessing so unexpectedly giveth that they named her Angel, and in a blink of an eye, so capriciously taketh away. How?

Diapers, milk formulae, crib, and musical mobile; all things of hope of what to come, now reminder of what they have lost: the baby that will never grow up to look like the computer image generated from her parents' blended looks. The first thing Ah On did upon stepping into the bedroom was kissed the baby image; so tenderly, so sadly. He is composed now, tearless; but his posture bespeaks his fatigue. He chatted ‘normally’ with his mother about the baby, even managed a smile; his abnormal calm alarms her. She would much rather have him railing against fate, against anything but be so..composed.

In a darkened room, an unshaven Ah On is chiseling an angel for his baby. Background music plays mournfully. His kisses the board, inside him lies an empty yearning for his little girl, lost. A forlorn loneliness envelops him as he thought of what could have been. His eyes, brimming with tears that refuse to fall.

part 2 on Sum's death 
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