Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Will Be Much Happier to Let Nature Take Its Course

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Some fans were extremely upset at seeing Ron Ng taking the  prominent center position in the Back to the 3 Kingdoms poster, while Steven is relegated to the back row with the rest. They were extremely vocal with their displeasure on Steven's weibo and tvbblog in that Steven not only mentors young fadans but is now also playing second fiddle to the younger siu sang, too. (TN: While the now well-groomed Linda and Fala moved on to pair with the younger siu sang,  Steven falls back to mentoring other young fadan like Selena Li.) Like I've said and will say it again, Steven needs the tv king title to go forward with his presently stagnant career in tvb.

Anyway, below are Steven's response to their posts. This is the case of  "The emperor is in no hurry while the eunuchs are in panicky jitters."

11/10 19:39 Some situation or some thing was fine being left well enough alone, why turned it into something horrible? You, he & I, we all have our own antecedents, don’t be envious of other people. Be simple; do well by yourself, and do each and every task well. So long you do well by your conscience, that’s enough! It has always been that results are not always within our hands, so please don’t be troubled over stuff we can’t control. Also don’t try to forcibly manipulate situations we can’t control. Just let nature take its course ba! Sometimes trying too hard may, on the contrary, not benefit self but also hurt other people. So, what’s the point?

20:42 Little Piggies must believe that during this period, 4th Brother has been and is very happy. Don’t indulge in wild speculations or imagination! Join me to welcome happiness. Your laughter makes me happy! Truly!

21:03 I truly know that you all are very “yuk gan” (extremely concerned) over each and every little  stuff concerning me. I knew that already! Hey, so long you’re happy, the rest - doesn't matter. Anyway, Little Piggies’ kind regards and feelings I’ve already stored them inside my heart; other stuff is inconsequential lah. 

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