Friday, November 12, 2010

Moses Chan: Steven Ma Should have Gotten the Award Already.

Steven Ma and Moses Chan in Mutual Appreciation
But then in later in some other news reports, Moses said the same about Wayne Lai and Raymond Lam, too.  So really, I don't put much stock in what he said, the person he really supports is himself.

hainan takungpao 
(Omitted the first sentence in the 1st paragraph because it was incorrectly reported.)  
Recently, people meeting Steven Ma all requested to shake hands with him so as to have his luck rubbed off on them (tn: because of his recent lottery win), even tv king candidate, Moses Chan, also clasped both his hands firmly with Steven’s so as to be in contact with the latter's “wong hei” (flourishing luck). They also mutually wished each other well in grabbing the honor of being this year tv king.   

Healthy Competition
Moses Chan and Steven Ma have known each other for a long time.  Moses says at the time when they collaborated in “Where the Legend Begins”, the archaic speech  was all Greek to him then, and that he was totally ignorant of the hand gestures and movements for ancient costume drama.  During Moses’ most difficult period, Steven, of his own accord, imparted his own personal experience to him, which benefited him greatly. 

Moses is asked which candidate does he support in the battle for TV king. “Ma Zai is worthy of my support! He is a worthy candidate!  His series have good results, and garnered high ratings.  I feel that he fulfills all the criteria to win the award.”

But Moses’ "Can’t Buy Me Love" also has good result ya? “Ma Zai is an intelligent person and very hardworking.  He should have gotten the award long before this.  All these years, he was just off by a little …don’t know what?  Anyway, whoever wins the award, I'll be happy.” 

Steven is very grateful for Moses’ support; he says: “Moses is a kindhearted person.  Although we are contending for the same award, my comment remains the same as before – all of the nominees or award winners have put in their best efforts in completing their work.   The awards are like the announcement of the examination results.”

Steven and Moses are confident in themselves winning the awards, but at same time, they also support each other, exuding a good sportsmanship spirit.    

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