Monday, November 15, 2010

Steven Ma Works Hard to be Master of Pen and Sword

weiwenpo [2010-11-15]

Steven Ma is nominated for tv king this year and is dubbed by Wayne Lai as the representative of one of TVB’s four major sects – the Scholars Sect. Steven thanked Wayne for his praise, but that recently he has decided to not only diligently read up on Chinese literatures to polish up his learned scholar act but also train diligently on his martial arts so as to become an all around master of both pen and sword. Lately, Steven has been filming Leung Choi Yuen’s new series, Thunder in the Forbidden City, whereby he portrays an Imperial bodyguard who is a martial arts expert skilled in all kinds of sword weaponry, short or long, and also uses Tai Chi. Therefore of late, Steven has been kept busy practicing his sword fighting and tai chi moves, transforming him from a delicate scholar into a mighty fighter.

Steven credited his transformation to his troupe of martial arts brothers for training him well. “I’m very grateful to my group of martial arts brothers. Way back few years ago, they have already started teaching me constantly. The action director for “Thunder” is 蔡宗榮, whom we called Ah Sir. He has taught me many action moves, so that they came out smoothly and readily.”

Conversely, Ah Sir admires Steven’s work ethics. “He is very hardworking, very smart. It is my job responsibility to teach a person with no martial art background to fight believably. But he is willing to learn and to constantly practice hard. Since SITS, he has already managed to master many advanced and difficult action moves. His improvement is enormous.”

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