Friday, November 5, 2010

Steven Ma would rather be lonely than be overly sappy.

February 15 2005

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Yesterday was Valentine’s Day but Steven Ma did not go on a date, instead he called up old friends for a get-together. He laughs and says that 364 days of the year are Valentine’s Day to him, except for February 14 which is a rest day.

MaZai says earnestly: For Valentine’s Day, if not truly in love then don’t spend it too carelessly. Because I’m no longer a youngster, if my date is not someone I can spend my whole life with, then I would much rather be a lonely horse (Ma). I absolutely can not celebrate Valentine's Day every year with different people. If I feel we could further develop our relationship but still not too sure, then I’d suggest celebrating Valentine’s Day two days ahead. (How many years have you not celebrated Valentine’s Day?) I’ve of course celebrated Valentine’s Day, otherwise, I would not have comprehended that Valentine's Day should not be casually spent, but I’ve forgotten how many years since I celebrated it. With this in mind, Ma Zai taking advantage of this Lunar Year holidays has earlier called up old friends for a get together. He only remembered that yesterday was the 6th day of the lunar year, and not the celebrated Valentine’s Day. Conversely, he remembers that next week will be the Lantern Festival (15th day of Lunar Year – aka Chinese Lovers’ Day.) He smiles and says maybe when the time comes, he will call up some friends to guess the riddles written on lanterns (for the Lantern Festival at the end of Chinese New Year)

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