Saturday, November 27, 2010

Two lovebirds

11/27  12:12
Do Bo and Ji Jing saying goodbye today.  Do Bo give her a Zhao Zi Long doll to alleviate the pain of separation. (And once again, Steven waxes poetry too difficult for me to bother translating, sorry.)
多寶和紫凝姑娘今天要暫別,多寶送上趙子龍泥公仔,以解紫凝姑娘相思之苦! 「分飛萬里隔千山 離淚似珠強忍欲墜凝在眼 我欲訴別離情無限......」。


  1. Hi Tamaya, your posts are absolutely amazing!!

    I wonder why Doh Bo gave that Zhao Zi Long doll to Zhi Ying? Why Zhao Zi Long? Is it that every time Zhi Ying looks at the Zhao Zhi Long doll, she'll think of Doh Bo?

    But why has Zhao Zi Long reference to Doh Bo? In his earlier weibo post: (you translated).
    He mentioned the four warriors, one of them is Zhao Zi Long and he referred to himself?!

  2. Hi lizzy, glad you like my posts. I don't have the answer to your question. Don't know why a Zhao Zhi Long doll would remind Zhi Ying of Doh Bo. And don't know how ZZL is connected to Doh Bo either. Sorry!