Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Weibo 11/27 -11/30

source: steven ma weibo

11/30 09:40  I heard that dogs can distinguish human moods, the reason being that our emotions affect the hormone secretion of different body odor.  So when you are laughing with happiness, the dog will be happy for you by wagging its tail; when you are crying with sadness, the dog will be sad for you and lick your tears!
11/29 15:26  Wah! Help! The Dingdong version of "聖鬥士星矢"(Saint Seiya). I want it real bad!  Everybody and little piggies, can you tell me if there is truly this “Dong” version?
11/29 07:32  Good morning, at work again!  Time passes really fast, in a blink of an eye, the shooting of “Thunder” is almost a month already, two months still to go.  To all brothers and sisters of “Thunder”, let us all work hard together, ga yao!
To think I did not even notice that little piggies had done something so meaningful.. I am truly moved!  4th Brother is proud to have brothers and sisters like you all.  Regardless of where you are, compassion links our hearts together!  Thank you to all of you!   
11/28 20:14Though busy shooting “Thunder”, but still should not neglect to push “Links”.  Premiering on TVB on December 13th at 9:30 pm.  All Links cast members, let’s all show support la!

11/28 13:15  These doggies are way too cute!  I couldn’t help but yell out: Tooooo adorable!

11/27 19:04  In Thunder script, I have this line to say, which incidentally coincide with what Tim Gor has said before: “More fairness, less selfish motives!”   Truly, what the world most needs and most lacks nowadays is exactly that!  Maybe, a lone effort can’t do much, but “Virtue is not solitary, it has neighbors.”  Don’t let the fear of being the only one prevent you from taking action.  Not taking action is tantamount to approval! I will, and wish to walk with you all. Mutual sharing!

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