Thursday, November 11, 2010

weibo re: 2010 tvb awards nominations

11/10 18:17 Siu Po in Ghost Writer and Ah Gong in A Watchdog’s Tales have been nominated for best actor and male character, respectively. Truly very happy. Thank you everybody for your support. On the aside, my series with Ah Miu (Fala), Link to Temptations, should be airing pretty soon; a series with a very refreshing and different subject matter, hope everybody will like it! Lately, has been very lucky; receiving good news one after another. When the time come to announce will sure to tell you all! Once again, thank you everyone for your support to Siu Po and Ah Gong! ^3^

20:04 Good evening to all Little Piggies. Thank you for your enthusiastic support. Grand Master Piggy (Steven himself) is very happy!

〝蒲松齡〞和〝老友狗狗〞中的小蒲和阿恭分別入選男主角和男角色,真的很開心,多謝大家的支持!另外,我和阿妹的〝誘情轉駁〞也該快將播出,一套題材很新 很特別的劇集,希望大家會喜歡!最近很幸運,好消息一個接一個,能公佈時,定必告訴大家!再次多謝大家那麼支持小蒲和阿恭! ^3^

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