Wednesday, November 24, 2010

weibo nov 24

steven ma weibo

11/24 20:47 There are people who always love to erase others' hardwork and efforts, at the same time, glorified themselves as been unbiased and just. And then there is another kind of people who love to appear so holy and caring, but behind people’s back, so steeped in darkness they cannot tolerate even the slightest of conscience.

Steven's poem composition
夜寒風刺月涼薄 Night’s frigid, wind’s biting, moon’s cold and callous
狼嚎鬼叫穴作床 Wolves howl, ghosts wail, lair as bed
自誇自圓自得意 Self-aggrandized, self-justified, self-satisfied
大話西遊再上粧 Lies put on make-up for the Journey to the West

Steven 20:55 - Can you get the clues from the poem?
菲然2011 20:59 - 1st column hidden vertical acronym, 夜郎自大,right?
Steven 21:06 - Awesome! (hou ye!)

*夜郎自大The arrogance of a Southern barbarian. (夜郎= Han dynasty name for a southern ethnic group/southern barbarian - MDBG dictionary.)

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