Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Steven's 2010 dec weibo -- filming Sentinel

2010-12-14 15:36 12/14 15:36 Link premiered at 30 points, not a bad start. Viewers showed ‘affection’. Colleagues of mine let’s all add oil! Since it started well, I’ll reward myself with this new pencil case! Haha!

 2010-12-14 19:10 12:14 19:10 I truly seldom take western medicine. Despite a splitting headache, I’d still rather bear the pain than take medicine. But this time the nose allergy plus tracheitis combo is so serious it actually forces me to take this much medicine. And moreover each has to be taken at different time. So troublesome. Having me memorize 10 pages of script is much easier than this! Haiz! My voice is fine now, not off key anymore! Haha!

12/14 20:43 Selena Li: The ever getting younger Ma Zai finally became a baby! Hahahaha!

2010-12-14 20:4612/14 20:46 If I were a baby, then you must be still unborn? Could it be that tze jing is truly a ghost. …

Steven still has the child in him.
Congratulations to Steven and Link cast for a good start in ratings.  Keep it up!

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