Wednesday, December 8, 2010

weibo 12/7-12-8

There are many reasons for me to like Steven, to name some: his optimism and positive attitude through his words and deeds, his fortitude and resilience as he picks himself up right where he fell and continues to charge forward, never losing sight of his goal(s), his never give up attitude as he competed again and again in the singing competition until he became champion or in his quest to be tv king, his tolerance of almost everything, and most of all, his refusal to wallow in self-pity, and his genuine appreciation of his many blessings as he embraced them with much gratitude.

Weibo posts where Steven picks himself up once again with a determination to look forward by putting his disappointment behind him. Tomorrow is another day, as he put aside his last night emotional entry to start off a brand new day. Maybe, Steven has a Pensieve like Dumbledore's (Harry Potter) where he sieves out unpleasant and encumbering feelings and thoughts so that he can see more clearly what's important to him, at the same time, travel light on his life journey. Whatever he does to de-stress himself, writing and wise sayings gotta be one of them. What he refuses to do is to give up or give in despite setbacks suffered from numerous blows given him.

Having said that, I have to say this: Despite Steven's strengths, he has one big overwriting weakness, which is, he is too 'soft' and 'tolerant' in his dealing with the press and maybe with his superiors and other people who are likely to step over him, taking his 'softness' for weakness.  Like he has said, his bottom line is very low, extremely low, maybe it's time he raises the bar higher to eliminate the impression of weakness because of his tolerance before the group of piranhas and barracudas circling and swimming inside the entertainment industry.  Don't be a victim of your own passiveness and gentility. Steven has to be a Sheung Ji, not a Cao Zhi. They are both good men of talents but Sheung Ji possess a strong mettle that demands, no, more than demands, it exacts respect from other people, and would definitely not allow himself to be bullied by outsiders, whereas Cao Zhi because of his infinite compassion and his overly consideration for other people is often taken advantage of. Steven seems to abhor direct confrontations, preferring harmony and backing down, much to his disadvantage. Steven is a kindly gentleman, but sad to say this kind of "too nice" people are easily overlooked, taken advantage of as well as taken for granted. So Steven, you must stand up for yourself before your superiors to achieve what you have worked so hard for. You must stand up for yourself before the press so that they would not bully  you. Like how you should have had insisted on Pierce Ngo clarifying through the press when your character was wrongly maligned and not let that slide.  The general public will believe what they read, so don't blame other people for misunderstanding you. Steven, you must re-examine your own behavior with your superiors and with the press, don't be victimized. Easier said than done, you betcha! But you have already taken the first step with your weibo explosive entry. Don't you back down now.


update with  March-1-2012  lotuswyan 2012-2-29 17:52
similar observation to mine from another fan
There was this loyal Steven fan  who said this on weibo: "Steven lacks the 霸气 (the aggressiveness) that's why he can only be a celebrity not a superstar. Without that aggressiveness - actor is his career but he cannot make it into a  superstar business.

TN: (sounds like Cao Zhi). Steven's lack of aggressive spirit prevents him from reaching the superstar pinnacle.  Of course, Steven does not want to be a superstar but contented as a mere celebrity actor. So be it!

马浚伟就是个烂好人,一个好到不能再好的好人,他尽自己所能让身边所有的人好,不知道这是个优点还是个缺点. 这样的人内心其实很复杂,也很敏感.虽然我喜欢的小玄子的脸是他的,但小玄子的性格却不是他的.这就注定他只能是个演员是个明星而不可能是个巨星.演员只 是他的职业他却不能把他做成事业. 一个缺少霸气的人始终都不能成为某个行业的顶尖人物.马浚伟身上缺的就是这种精神气,不知道这是先天的还是后天培养的,不过他都快到不惑之年了,还能再进 步吗?我好怀念小玄子时的霸气外露,那是一股初生牛犊不怕虎的气势


  1. The last couple weeks when I read Steven's weibo entries, I feel like crying -- not because the posts are 'sad' necessarily, but because the more I learn about him as a person, the more I like him and the more I sympathize with his plight (his situation at TVB). It also makes me dislike the 'current' TVB even more and wonder why such talented artists such as him continue to stay with such a company...

    As with other talented artists that are treated like crap (i.e. Sunny Chan), sometimes, I would rather Steven leave TVB and work for a company that will treat him right -- of course, that also means that we would not get to see him on screen as much, but that's a sacrifice I'm willing to make if it works out better for him...

  2. Steven would have left TVB if not for Stephen Chan's promises to him. Now I wish he had left too.