Thursday, December 9, 2010

weibo 12/9

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2010-12-9 20:57Thinking of someone? Then don’t be too polite, go look up that person and tell that person: “I miss you!” Don’t worry too much, else will regret! 想念一個人?那別客氣,去找那個人,告訴那個人:"我很想妳!"。別擔心太多,免得後悔!

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2010-12-9 14:50Have promised Toby that when uploading this photo it must be captioned with this two words: “sexy girl”. Well, to tell the truth, really quite pretty wo!答應Toby上傳這照片時,一定要配上"索女"二字,咁講真,又真係幾靚喎!

2010-12-9 07:23
Good morning, this kind of cool morning is just right for shooting action scenes. Looking at this picture brought to mind of this: “Keeping a tight grip onto this green mountain and never let go, root originated in broken rocks; attrited thousands of times, battered ten thousands of times but still unyieldingly strong, despite the north east south west winds.”早上好,涼涼的早上,拍動作戲最好不過了。看到這照片,想到這個: 「咬定青山不放鬆,立根原在破岩中;千磨萬擊還堅勁,任爾東西南北風。」,共勉之。(打錯字,重發!哈哈!)

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