Thursday, December 9, 2010

weibo: thinking of someone, go tell him/her.

2010-12-9 20:57 Thinking of someone? Then don’t be too polite, go look up that person and tell that person: “I miss you!” Don’t worry too much, else will regret!  想念一個人?那別客氣,去找那個人,告訴那個人:"我很想妳!"。別擔心太多,免得後悔!

Hi, people, Steven says if you're thinking someone and missing him/her, go tell that person.  So what are you still hesitating?  He says not to worry too much, go do it so that you won't regret later.  haha!  What a man!  Are you thinking of him, go tell him!  Or someone else?  Go tell that person!

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