Friday, April 29, 2011

My Rambling

Stream of consciousness rambling from the recent news of Moses/Bernice, Raymond/Mavis and Sammul Chan.

While most artistes adamantly deny their love relationship as it may affect their popularity, Steven naively admitted his with Sonija because in his mind, acknowledging it when outted, is a show of respect to the relationship and to the gf. For that, his reputation suffered greatly as he was accused of using Sonija for self-publicity With my understanding of Steven’s character, I am positively certain that Steven’s acknowledgment (as he saw it) was pure; in his mind, they were dating at that time, despite the latter controversy of he said yes, she said no that came later. Steven was being an old school gentleman. (jun zi)

When a relationship fails, most often, acrimony between the two parties ensues with he says, she says tongue wagging, but not so in Steven’s case, as he took full responsibility for the failure of his and Vivien’s before making up again. Per reported news, he admitted their breakup was entirely fault, and that Vivien was a saint to have put up with his hectic lifestyle and whatnots for some long. That no matter what, she is a good woman and has been and still is a good girlfriend to him. Because his position depiction of Vivien has greatly influenced his fans' opinion of her, they has accepted her as his girlfriend and future wife.

On a different subject, compare how Sammul Chan disrespected and denigrated his female co-stars in his recent icable interview to illustrate tvb's mistreatment of him by how he was first paired with 1st line actresses like Charmaine Sheh and then slowly relegated to less popular actresses like Selena Li and Natalie Tong, vis-a-vis Steven graciously and generously embracing and protecting his newbie fadans as his younger sisters.  How Steven, risking the TVB's displeasure, stood up for Linda by chiding tvb for her packed schedules. The only senior fadan he ever got to pair up with was Sonija since signing management contract in 2006 and that was only just recently.   And all this in view that Steven has signed the management contract unlike Sammul who didn't.

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