Wednesday, April 20, 2011

weibo 4/20 Coincidental meeting - Hotpot

Steven 4/20  23:42 Truly fated!  Very happy!  Sharon is vibrant , Yeung mie is radiant and kid sister is vivacious...but how come  hello kitty snapped me looking so piggy...  的確很有很有緣!太開心了!敏之神彩飛揚,羊咩容光煥發,阿妹活力無限...... 但點解hello kitty影到我咁豬..
@陈法拉 4/20  23:38 : Haha! Next time must set up a time to meet up!

@陈敏之4/20 23:28 Tonight in 3 separate groups we all came to the same place for hotpot!  Such fate!  Must take a picture as remembrance! What a coincidence! @楊怡TaviaYeung @陳法拉 @馬浚偉

@楊怡TaviaYeung  4/20 20:23   Oh, Heavens! We all coincidentally came to the same place, and there was one more mysterious person; you all guess who.

Tavia's mysterious person turned out to be Alex Fong who picked up the tab for her group. Guess the mysterious person(s) were not Fala and Steven as her posters thought, wonder why Tavia mentioned Sharon and Alex but did not deign to mention  Steven and Fala in the encounter?


  1. I thought Tavia did mention Steven and Fala, though very faintly...
    In her post about Alex, she said something like, in addition to coincidentally being in the same place as Fala, Sharon, and Steven, the mysterious person was Alex.

  2. Anonymous: Sorry for my late response, just saw yr comment.

    Note: No mention of Steven and Fala in her first post. (see Tavia's post above)

    Tavia only acknowledged Mala vaguely in her follow-up post when her fans speculated Mala to be the mysterious guest(s)although they were puzzled by her mention of 1 mysterious person not 2 as per Mala.

    So yeah, no mention of Mala at all in her first post before their names were brought up because Sharon Chan had already spilled the beans in her weibo.