Saturday, April 9, 2011

weibo 4/9 - don't worry

4/9  00:04 
 Life journey is littered with choices a galore !  Among them, can be easy or difficult, can be right or wrong. But,  so long they don't violate the laws or cause harm, or being immoral or unconscionable, why overthink? When still have choices, why not follow the direction of your heart?  If it is unknown then don't think about it, because no matter how much you think there is still no answer; once you have made up your mind, don't worry about it again because if too worried can't move forward!  Actually who's scared of who?  When don't even have a choice to choose from, now that is scary.

人生路上選擇多的是!當中,有易有難,有對有錯。但,在沒違社會法規、沒傷天害理、沒背棄道義、沒違背良心的情況下,想那麼多幹嗎?在自己還有選擇空間 下,何不朝著心的方向去走?未知的就別去想,因為再想也沒答案;想好了就別去憂,因為再憂就不會動!其實誰怕誰?連選擇的機會都沒了,那才是可怕。

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