Saturday, June 18, 2011

Apprentice Chef II episode 5

Special Guest: Aimee Chan
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The secret ingredient is hard shell shellfish

S: so the time has come for me to cook, so what am I going to learn this time- it's steam egg whites.  Sounds easy but actually requires several steps. So actually what's my preparation.  Will see immediately.

Voiceover: Introduction of Lau Sifu.

Steven: Fai Gor, this dish is called Yuk Yik Fu y Poon lung ha. (lobster).  The fu rong is actually steam water eggs.  Let's start to demonstrate how it is done. 1 portion egg white, 1 portion milk, 1 portion clear chicken stock.

Chef: If prefer flavorless, can use clear water at home.

Steven: Can steam it now,  Here there some crab's roe. Use boiling water to cook it.  Use stock to cook the kailan, then cut into pieces for use later. Fry the lobster in the oil

chef: very simple

Steven: then stick 4 pieces kailan, then add the lobster and roe and bird's nest

Steven: Now comes the most interesting and exciting portion, for me that is, because I need to cook now. Chicken stock, egg whites, fresh milk.  Mix them together then whisk them. Let's have you do the whisking.  No need to whisk so hard that it become frothy. When done, put them inside the steam cups.

Aimee: pour how much?

Steven: a bit over half

Aimee: we have no time limit, right?

Steven: No, if limited to 3 minutes, I would have surrendered already. If within 3 min limit, I could finish cooking I would change my career and learn cooking from a master chef.

Judge1: Seem like Ma Zai is more engrossed  chatting to a woman.

 Judege2: Teasing a woman, right?  She's taken, you better watch out.

Steven:  Brother Kah Kuen, Tse Ling Jie, if at this time I'm not chatting to her, I wouldn't know what to say.  Because truly it's quite nervous.  So, Aimee, let's arrange them nicely.

Aimee: ok!

Steven: Let's briefly  fry the lobster in the oil just to loosen them up.

Judge1: Yee? Ma Zai, the audience behind have many opinions from behind. Many professionals behind.

Steven: That's true, most are

Aimee: Us females are all master chefs

Steven: Aimee,  hold this, let me pour out the excess oil first.

Aimee: So aromatic.  hong pang pang

Judge1: Aimee is very cute, nobody in the kitchen she keeps shaking off the excess oil

Aimee: I thought shaking off the oil is more healthy

Judge1: Nevermind, keep doing it, beautiful women should do that

Steven: Add the starch into the superior stock.

Aimee: This is the starch, right?

Steven: You drank it? You can't drink it raw, Aimee.

Aimee: I made sure it is superior soup. That one is added starch, this one is not.

Steven: Let me add some water to it.

Aimee: What are these for?

Steven: What?

Aimee: these

Steven: Aiya!

Aimee: Are you suppose to cover them?

Steven: Right, forgot to put on the lids. Haiwo, these cups have lids.

Aimee: Let's cover them now.  No problem. Can we still do it?

Steven: I didn't these cups have lids. so guai ma (so funny) So just cover them up.  Later you still have stuff to do for me, Aimee.

Aimee: Help to eat.

Steven: Don't touch that for now

Aimee:  sorry

Steven: let's it soak until cook, here's continue cooking the bird's nest.  Turn down the fire. Don't, very hot. If you got scalded, what to do?  I can't account for it.  Be careful. What if you burned yourself?

Aimee: You can't account for it ma. I know.

Steven: Yeah, true, very difficult to account for it.  Let's get them ready - 

Aimee: Arrange them.

Steven: 9 portions.  goal accomplished.

Audience: Delicious; very smooth

Steven: The egg's truly smooth. The timing was just right?

Male Audience: very good, delicious. Your hand is very smooth too. (tn: haha!)

Steven: My  hand is very smooth too, wah! hahaha!

Steven: This person kept hollering wanting to sample. Was it good?

Audience: Very good, delicious. The flavoring was just right.

Steven: So everybody knows that I cook casually at home, if good intricate dishes, I won't dare to say I'm good.

Tse Ling: The white is not ready.

Steven: Still a bit raw.  The time could be longer?

Judge1: quite ok. just that the kailan is a bit bitter.

Judge2: if it were by a chef, ok slightly inferior,  but for you, it already garnered very high points.

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  1. Thank you, Tamaya! The episode is funny. This dish looks delicious and colourful like a cream glass.Judge 1 said '' just that the Kailan is a bit bitter'' but the Kailan is obviously bitter.