Tuesday, June 14, 2011

editorial thank you

I knew blogging would be very time-consuming and laborious especially for someone with my level of computer skill, but the hits on the blog have made my endeavor worthwhile.  Thank you to my visitors.  Of course, the motivation to blog for Steven is the pleasure of translating and sharing Steven's words and news.  However,  the blog will be more alive and interesting and not as static, if silent readers would just drop a line or two to just say hi and share their opinions.

Anyway, it is indeed very gratifying to me to see the hits growing by leaps and bounds on this blog. Frankly, I was shocked to see just how widespread the countries were when I first checked out the whereabouts of these hits as computed by Blogger and by cbox sitemeter.

The bulk of regular hits came from US, Vietnam, Poland , Canada, Netherlands, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, Uganda, Japan, Malaysia, France, Thailand, Germany, New Zealand, Taiwan, but there are twice as many from other countries of irregular hits.  

Anyway, thank you for dropping by and checking up Steven's news.  Hopefully, Steven's speedy weibo updates and news continue so there will endless stuff for me to post.

Everybody, happy visiting! 


P.S. I have left word once on Steven sina weibo to info him of this blog, but there's no indication yet as to whether he knows of this fanblog.  His message board has over 100s of messages daily so easy to miss one message. 

P.S. I should have done something to commemorate the 10,000th post, an oversight on my part hence this post to thank my regulars.

sitemeter pie chart - weekly hits


  1. Hi Tamaya, i came across your blog recently only.
    As I cant read mandarin, your blog is my only source to keep up with Steven Ma's news.
    Job well done. Keep it up, ganbate yeah!!

  2. Thank you for commenting. And am glad to share Steven's news with fans and visitors.