Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Early pictures

more pix here on SM baidu may 2013 spam thread


more pix-young Steven

Featuring Flora Chan in his Honey mv


  1. haha, when he was young he has peach-like lip and radiant skin.truely too pretty like a flower but less manly than now.and i love both his look of then and now.

  2. The bottom right picture with his hand akimbo pose just cracked me up, so 'girly'. Truly too pretty for his own good.

    I appreciate both looks but prefer the more confident manly him now --- well seasoned like aged wine. So unfair most men aged better than women.

  3. i am glad he doesn't sport that hairstyle anymore. i like his hair very short, as per brink of law, ajcl, ottoo etc. even his hair in 7 days was disappointing!

    his face, meanwhile, has barely changed in the last decade.

  4. I like his hair short too, but I don't mind his hair in 7 days though it could be better.