Friday, July 1, 2011

Series: The Life and Times of a Sentinel (Thunder) AOD synopsis

Synopsis (Chinese) from AOD MY
Translated by Tamaya

Sunzhi 18th year. Emperor Sunzhi (Sunny Chan) disillusioned with worldly life shaves head for a monastic life and has set his mind to pass the throne to 2nd Brother, Fuk Quan (Kenneth Ma), but Xiao Zhuang (Ching Hor Wai) thinks Fu Quan is unscrupulous so with a fake posthumous edict enabled 3rd Brother, Xuan Ye, (Power Chan) to become Emperor KangXi, instead. When Sunzhi finds out he writes a secret missive, one half of the secret missive falls into the hands of young Qi Jun Jie's (Steven Ma) father, Qi Wan Chang (Felix Lok).  Because of that, Wan Chang (Felix) is pursued and later killed by assassins. In the chaos, Felix hurriedly leaves Jun Jie (Steven) on a flood area under a bridge. Unfortunately, Jun Jie (Steven) eventually got lost and is latter found and taken care of by Zi Ning's (Selena Li) father, Shu Tang, (KK Cheung) who is an anti Qing loyalist.

The series tells of how Fu Quan (KM) uses loyal Qi Jun Jie (SM) and also wife Kuai Lun's (Natalie Tong) father's army, in a calculated step by step attempt to seize the throne. Jun Jie (SM), because of support from KangXi and Fu Quan, becomes an imperial guard, and through it engages in a same generation interaction with them. When he belatedly finds out about his family background and the identity of the enemy who killed his whole family, he is caught between a rock and a hard place.

*I thought Steven's character's name was Nip Dou Bo. Did he change his name lto conceal his real identity or did he have a lapse of memory due to trauma?

**Thought there are 26 episodes, not 25 as noted in AOD.

Correction: concubine Elaine Yiu... to "wife Kuai Lun's (Natalie Tong)"


  1. Did Ma Ming uses Elaine's father's army? I thought it was Natalie's father's army.

    I think Steven's character's real name is Qi Jun Jie, as Felix' is his biological father. Later he got adopted by Kwok Fung who names him Nip Do Bo...

  2. I read some website that some info in AOD synopsis is incorrect. AOD has Elaine not Natalie so don't know.