Friday, July 8, 2011

Uncle Choi's praises Steven's acting skill

Uncle Choi 7/8 10:33  So actually there are many friends who also like AJCL, unfortunately this platform (weibo)  did not exist at the time for fans to gather. The passing of time has witnessed Steven's growth. In Sentinel, see Chow Yun Fat, Simon Yam and Ray Lui kind of acting skills. If you comprehend what is called acting skill then come along.  Watch his sparring with Kenneth Ma. The strength of great TVB traditional leading man is back!

Woah! Uncle Choi heaping such high praise on Steven's performance in Sentinel.  Can hardly wait to watch the series.  To be pc in the entertainment world, Uncle Choi should not have compared Steven to other renowned actors, putting Steven in a difficult predicament.

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