Monday, September 26, 2011

One Pen Ma: 18 Years in the Industry

18 Years in the Industry

September 27th is the anniversary of my debut into the entertainment circle; in a blink of an eye, 18 years now.

Recall in early 1993, I participated in the Pioneer Laser Karaoke singing competition, after encountering 43 failures, this time I finally experienced the taste of being a champion! And the chief judge for that competition was Teacher Tai Si Chung. After the competition, I was fortunate to elicit Teacher Tai’s appreciation; signed up as singer under a company’s label; trained and groomed; made my debut as singer, officially entering the entertaining circle.

However, there are two things that people may not be aware of:
First, before my success in that competition, I had actually been taking singing lessons. During that learning period, Teacher Leung Yuet Ling had been utmost generous with her teaching toward me, not only on singing, but also on stage presence, wardrobe and others, she did it all for me. My indebtedness to her, I give thanks without words.

Second, September 27 is actually the release date of my first music album, “Fortunate is to have met you”. To commemorate the birth of my first album, I designated this date to be my debut into the industry. So counting on fingers, I actually being in the industry for 18 and a half years.

Anyway, to be able to have these 18 years, I truly need to thank these two teachers for their benefaction and affection.

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