Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Assasination of the Spirit -- Steven Ma

Source: Eastweek Magazine
Writer: Tsui Yong Yong
Date: September 2011

July 21, 2011 night was the date I tendered my resignation to Steven Ma.  The year I helped Steven to establish Kinston Publishing Ltd. Company (建星文化出版有限公司)* was in July in Autumn; today’s parting also was in July. “Where’s old friend? Where’s future? With whom to share heart to heart talks?”  Ten years of acquaintance ephemeral like the evanescence of white clouds.  Came in with happiness, left with sadness, such bitterness!

Who brought this bitterness here? I believe if my old friend, Steven Ma, in 2005 did not choose to sign up with TVB artists management and became this department so-called ‘biological son’, today he would not have with much grief and indignation requested to terminate his contract and leave; only missing a long sleeve to wave farewell. (tn: as in the ancient times)

It is that, once a person leaves, the tea will get cold, (tn: out of sight out of mind) and all gratitude and grievances would summarily dissipate; but after reading an article in a magazine concerning Virginia Lok and Steven Ma’s contract termination request, my heart suddenly became agitated.

What first agitated me was this sentence: “Steven’s jobs are not many? Why?..  clients are fickle, one minute like this the next like that.. .and close to him is Tsui Jie, (i.e. me, Tsui Yong Yong), a seasoned veteran media person, many clients looked her up first, then had us followed up.

An executive in charge of overseeing artistes’ careers has the responsibility to seek out job opportunities for each and every one of the ‘biological sons and daughters’ who signed a management contract with TVB, yet she charged that because Steven had someone by his side to help him, that is why (TVB) was not able to find jobs for him.

True! I have worked in the journalistic world for over 30 years, and I am indeed experienced in interview journalism, however, when it comes to finding jobs, how can my ability compare with Ms. Lok's; you are after all the expert pro!  You are willing to develop newbies who are obedient to you but ignore this golden horse, for whom, despite my inexperience as job seeker, I could still get him a job worth over millions of dollars. Your words truly overly flattered me, but with this remark, I feel you have disgraced both yourself and TVB. 

It is not that Steven does not have a drawing power; every month lots of people contacted me to invite Steven for performance appearances, but after negotiating the terms and conditions, and duly transferring the offers to tvb, many of them due to various reasons were inexplicable rejected by someone. I have personally experienced this whereby after handing them (job offers) to the (tvb) manager to follow-up, most went in and never came back out. This situation I know, Steven knows, but who can we tell it to? 

The most ruthless sentence in the said article is this: “Why did Steven terminate his contract? Maybe it’s year end and close to the anniversary awards ceremony, so he threw a tantrum la!”

What is the meaning of this statement? Are you saying that Steven was just “acting up”?

The six years of tribulation first made me disheartened and resigned my job, and soon after made Steven downhearted and wish to leave the nest. Today he merely requested to terminate his contract, not renew; furthermore, he has never mentioned about getting awards, so why slashed him with yet another cut?

Having worked with Steven all these years, I can verify that he has never ever used the approach of trading contract for an award. This statement is truly an assassination of the spirit.(dispiriting the soul- 心靈殺戮) In the off chance that some people are misled by your words, and if Steven receives an award today through real effort, audience will conclude that he got it through a ploy. That one statement from you totally erased Steven’s eighteen years of laborious efforts. This move from you is truly vicious, at the same time illustrated your absolute prejudice and ignorance.  As a human being, one must possess a conscience; Ms. Virginia Lok, all these years you neglected the wellbeing of Steven’s career, and this time, you even struck first to gain the upper-hand by wronging him.  I criticized you because I know the truth.

The Chinese have this saying: “Don’t look down on other people.” (tn:because of your current status and power). You have forgotten that other people have their own demands too. You overestimated yourself because you underestimated others. Be a more discerning person. In work environment, if (an act is) directed at the matter in hand then no problem, but if directed at individuals then problems will arise.  If problems arise then do some self-reflection first, and don’t shift the blame elsewhere again.  Only with the willingness to do self-reflection can one be called a human being. 

Tsui yong yong weibo
[b]9/17[/b] 14:14 Why did people who want Steven for an outside job looked me up? First: I treat people with sincerity. Will return phone calls at any time and never put on airs. Second: Clients want pig, I would not hard sell to them to use cow, or sheep or horse instead. Third: Because looking me up, they can buy pig immediately, so they prefer to see me. I have nothing much to offer but that I am polite, fair and loyal, and with just these I still have business to do, this I have to thank heaven for helping, and for having eyes.

Steven's Chinese zodiac is boar, and his fans called him Grand Master Piggy. 

Note*(later renamed出色堂 Chu Se Tang)
**Tsui Yong Yong, Steven's former personal assistant/manager. Guess from recent weibo she has rescinded her resignation to Steven because she is going with Steven to Mongolia and other on location shooting sites for Steven's mainland China series.

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