Thursday, September 22, 2011

Steven Ma: Contract Termination has nothing to do with Ricky Wong

2011/9/ 23
Ming Pao
馬仔﹕解約不涉王維基TVB series, Prosperous Father, did an outdoor scene yesterday at Ho Man Tin, which included Steven Ma, Linda Chung and Edwin Siu.  Steven said he had expressed his reasoning for prematurely terminating his contract to the company. After wrapping up Prosperous Father he will head up north to shoot, The Founding of Yuan Dynasty. He hopes that the contract situation will be resolved before he leaves for China. When everything is resolved he will give an explanation to everybody.

As to the poaching on TVB artists, Steven admitted that an intermediary from Ricky Wong's company had indeed contact him, but he had not met with Mr. Wong .  He explained that his contract termination does not have anything to do with this contact.  Recently, Lee Kwok Lun complained that he had not been asked to remain?  Steven said: "My situation with Lee's is not the same.  I hope you all won't speculate too much.  Actually, whether I have contract with TVB or not doesn't matter, if Zhan Jie wants me to shoot a series, I'll certainly return to camp."

Note: In 2012, there will be three more free broadcasting television stations in Hong Kong, which include Ricky Wong’s (王維基) City Telecom, Richard Li’s (李澤楷) Now TV, and iCable’s free broadcasting arm.

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