Wednesday, September 21, 2011

tsui yong yong weibo - Evergreen Mak's response

Tsui Yong Yong weibo.  Tsui is Steven's ex manager, whose earlier resignation the tabloids blamed on Steven for his maltreatment of her.  Of course, that is not true as evinced by the below weibo entries.

@黃日華: Agree with Bao Bao! 認同包包!

evergreen 麥長青: Exactly!  There are always people stronger than you, and beyond the horizon there's another horizon!  And mortals us are just insignificant dust on earth.  Why be so arrogant! Appreciate one's good fortune!  Appreciate one's fate!  沒錯!人外有人,天外有天!於天地間人祇是微塵,何必自大!惜福!惜綠

9/22 13:29 As a person don't worship the people with high status, and step down on people with lower status, and even most so, don't hit a person who is down. Remember!
9/20 13:31 Given my temper, if not to protect him, she? I (despise)

9/20 13:25  Many people because of mutual benefits “refrain from hitting a rat for fear of smashing the dishes beside it”. I have a husband to take care of me, why scared of you? I’m not scared to critique bad people upfront for their wrongdoing.

9/20 13:20 To dare to speak candidly without restrain needs a lot of courage, a great undertaking responsibility strength, and a fearless spirit to do it. I applaud myself because I was able to do it. To reveal the truth I dared to face down the mighty power without fear. With rationality on my side, who’s scared of who. Put the blame on me? You sure had the gall! Hng!

9/17 14:14 Why did people who want Steven for an outside job looked me up? First: I treat people with sincerity. Will return phone calls at any time, and never put on airs. Second: Clients want pig, I would not hard sell to them to use cow, or sheep or horse instead. Third: Because looking me up, they can buy pig immediately, so they prefer to see me. I have nothing much to offer but I am polite, fair and loyal, and even with just these (attributes) I still have business to do, this I have to thank heaven for helping, and for having eyes..

9/17 11:10 For fear of harming him, after my bitter departure I never told the outside my reason. That someone actually shoved the sluggishness of his career onto me. Today, the whole dialogue will appear on my article. This matter cannot be tolerated. I too have a mother. Have a mouth to speak out. Wronged me?

9/17 10:39 That (wo)man-man tribulation, that page of blood and tears chapter, (I'll) forever remember how she bullied him and me. A completely unqualified, biased and incompetent so-called Ah Ma.

9/17 10:16 It took half a year to get him this job, in the end it took less than a hour to turn it down. Turning down not just money but a person’s golden opportunity to further his career in the next decade. Disheartened, (I) leave as protest! Making me leave was not him but her.

9/17 03:33 This six years, we mutually helped each other, and had suffered through the days of bullying, today see the beginning of clear weather, inside is sad or happy? Truly had to describe. The bully should ask herself why be so hateful. Too much. How to not rebel?

9月22日 13:29       做人不要見高拜,見低踩,更不要落井下石。永記
920 13:31    以我的脾氣,不是為了保護他,她?我      

· 920 13:25   好多人因為互恵互利,投鼠忌器,我有老公養,怕你什麼?我不怕對壞人直斥其非。

920 13:20  ·  夠胆直言無隱,是需要很大的勇氣,很大的承担力和無畏的精神才做得到。我為我自已鼓掌,因為我做到。為了表白真相,我敢於面對強權而不懼。真理面前,誰怕誰。開名插我?你都算好膽!哼

·  為什麼找太豬工作的人都愛找我?第一我待人以誠,任何時間都覆機,完全不擺架子。第二,客人要豬,我不會硬塞人家改用牛羊馬,就是不給人買到豬肉。第三,原來找我可以買到豬肉,就寧願找我喇。我無德無能,勝在有禮,公平和夠忠心。咁都有生意,都要多謝天公相幫,天有眼嘅。917 14:14

917 11:10   為怕害了他,我在苦別後從未對外言及原因。有人竟把他事業緩進之責推到我身上,全番話今日會見諸文章中。士可忍孰不可忍。我也有娘生,有口言,屈我?

·  那人為掀起的風雲,那一頁血淚篇章,永遠記得她怎樣欺負我和他。一個完全沒有資格,偏心又無能的所謂阿媽。917 10:39

·  花了半年時間為他接一件工作,最後不足一小時便推了。推的不只是錢,是一個人未來十年的事業黃金機會。心灰意冷,走之哉!令我走的不是他,是她。917 10:16
·  這六年,兩個人相携相扶,走過多少受盡欺凌的日子,今日喜見初晴,內心是悲是喜?真難細描細述。欺人者理應撫心自問,為何要狠惡如斯。太過份了,不反抗怎行? 917 03:33


  1. Steven's ex manager who was reported by tabloids to have quit because of Steven's mistreatments, remember those news reports?

  2. Oh i see... But who's the bully Tsui Yong Yong was talking about? Virginia Lok?

  3. yes, of course it's her, who else would bully them so much that she resigned, and he requested premature termination of contract.