Saturday, September 24, 2011

weibo 9/24

 I am inside the bedroom.........From Fatt Dar Gor
Steven 9/24 17:47 Wah, HKRTV's Angel Lorna! 

@Ron-MMYAnother pose @馬浚偉 with dog !
steven 9/24 16:20:   Haha! Thks toyi!
@歐紀賢ToyiBrowsing book store and saw this @馬浚偉 ..happy!

Steven 9/24 13:44  :  Wow! thks!
@真真Tai Steven, London Chinatown has many of your series, and also your latest poster.


  1. Wow,you post my picture that I post for Steven Ma...^^

  2. Em, actually I posted that picture from Steven Ma's weibo who posted from your weibo's. lol! Yep! Steven reposted your picture of him and Lorna onto his weibo. Did you know that?

  3. I also like that picture of him & dog and have already posted in my fanblog, but some of Steven's pictures that you posted on weibo are not very flattering at all. Maybe you should replace them with better ones? Just saying.

  4. Yeah,I know,I know he replied...I was posting crazily,I love pictures that has Steven with dogs,especially the ones from A Watchdog's Tale ^^