Sunday, September 18, 2011

weibo: assorted

9/18  22:57 When Fatt Dat Gor meet up with Mo Yim. Ai! added a birthmark still so pretty, what'd you want~Mui!(younger sister)  

賈偉南HK:(tvb scriptwriter)  I still remember watching AJCL in Uncle Choi's room the scene where Steven is making ice cream offering to his dead sister on the rooftop.  Zhan Jie (Catherine Tsang) just happened to walk by and come inside and watch that scene, and become quite teary. And then coyly chided us for making her cry.         9/18  23:24  In that scene, I truly cried uncontrollably because On Boy was so pitiful, and also I thought of my mom...thank you, Mr. Gu, for merging On Boy and me into one!

9/ 18 13:09  Finally snapped the photo of Fatt Dat Gor at Sham Shui Po pretending to be Liu Xiang*  leaping over the hurdle (actually just leaping over a trolley) . So funny, yes? Hahahaha! Thks! Sammy (photographer)!

*Liu Xiang is a 2004 Olympics Chinese gold-medal hurdler
9/17 21:01  Beginning to show some result, all the more needs to continue put in effort and more effort, add oil, add oil, add add oil!  My little Cosmo is going to explode soon!

9/17 11:10  Prosperous Father's outdoor scene, so many maws!

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