Friday, September 9, 2011

weibo: prosperous father

9/9 19:44 Today shot outdoor scene in Tsim Sha Tsui Canton Way.  Lots of onlookers and tourists.  To avoid chaos very sorry could not sign autographs or take pictures with everybody. But still want to thank everybody for their support.  P.S.  Scenes shot inside a vehicle is to transform cameras into spidermen, suctioned onto the car body.

今天在尖沙咀廣東通拍外景,圍觀的途人和遊客很多,由於怕惹起混亂,抱歉不能一一和大家簽名和合照,但還是要感謝大家的支持。 [爱你] p.s.拍車廂內的戲,就是這樣把攝影機變成蜘蛛俠,吸在車身上的。

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