Monday, October 3, 2011

45 Lighting group photo

Since Steven's name did appear on the attendees' list, I thought he would attend the ceremony. Most likely his attendance was a last minute thing, after all Steven is still a TVB employee and has obligation to attendance as a show of support for tvb. A fan said Steven's name was added on the name list at the last minute to make up body count since Moses, KC and MT were out on overseas stage performance assignment in Canada.

Of all the leading men in the front, Bosco looks the best cutting quite a dashing figure in his elegant outfit but why the dark shades, on the other hand, I'm nonplussed by RL's fashion sense with the white socks over his boots as attention getter.

Of the fadans, Tavia was at work shooting a sales presentation video clip, while not surprisingly and not unexpected, Aimee Chan stood on the front line too.  Guess her romantic link to MC paid off big time as a career boost.  But happy to see Nancy Wu on the front line.

Edit: From afar, Bosco looks good, but the close up shot made me go huh? Wth is that square thing around his neck? lol!  And RL's outfit looks even worse up close on his skorts.

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