Thursday, October 13, 2011

As always, Steven reached out to his colleagues with encouraging and kind words, this time to Mandy Lam, who has been unfortunately diagnosed with breast cancer. Fans (of any idol) would do well to heed Steven's words towards deliberately hurtful reports. Mandy has deleted her weibo entry so I didn't get to read it.

10/14 1:47  (My) feeling stirred by Mandy’s blog! (I) have been in this industry for many years, and have met many professional and decent journalist friends. But of course occasionally I also encountered some inexplicable personal attacks or harm. My reaction to such vicious report on me is to blithely dismiss it with a smile. This does not represent approval, and even more so, does not represent weakness. But knowing that this kind of reports have their own agenda and position, then responding or getting angry is redundant. Faced with this kind of situation there is only one method, which is to do well by oneself! Because time will tell (tn: Steven’s own words) Mutual sharing. 

 10/14 1:12  Mandy: first, don’t be angry. Know that when fighting cancer, the patient’s emotions can greatly affect the cancer treatment. Besides, why let how veracious the report is to affect your mood? If the report has some falsehoods then you can calmly clarify the real situation; if the report is completely fabricated, then even more so, there is no need to get all riled up. Truth is truth; if it didn’t happen then it didn’t. Days, weeks, months later, everything will return to normal. The only change to hope for is that you have become healthy.

Steven first weibo conversation with Mandy:

steven 10/7 13:43 Good for you, Mandy; strong and good (tn: person) . When can I pass the stuff to you? @林淑敏Mandy The side effects of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and special drugs to me are now like a skin wound, slowing disappearing with time.  Today that I’m able to get through it I’ve to thank the Lord, friends and close colleagues for their concerns to me.  However, even more so, I am willing for you all to see my recuperating vitality.  I asked Jesus: “What can I do?”  I hope I can share my fight with cancer.     

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