Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Steven Ma's Birthday Wishes

Yesterday was Steven Ma’s 40th birthday. In the morning, in conjunction with his new series, “Prosperous Father”, wrap-up production shoot of its themevideo, TVB also held a birthday celebration for Steven, complete with champagne and a birthday cake. The attendees included Miu Siu Ching, Ha Yu, Nancy Wu and Cilla Chung etc. Because his contract issue with TVB is still unresolved, good friend, Evergreen Mak, wished him good luck in resolving all his problems.

When asked if his birthday wish was to successfully terminate his contract with TVB? Steven said candidly: “Presently the negotiation is going well, very happy. I believe we will have a new form of contractual collaboration. Will talk about it later. I thank  TVB for their consideration to my problem.” (But 6th Aunt said to retain you?) He said he still collaborates with TVB just in a different form. (6th Aunt can’t retain you?) Steven laughing said: “It’s not that. I really don’t know how to answer. Wait until everything is settled. Anyway, everything is going smoothly. Very grateful to all those who have helped or are helping me to resolve my problem."

Steven Ma also revealed that on his birthday eve, 10/25, he invited friends including his three beloved ‘sisters’ and good friend, Dexter Yeung to celebrate his birthday in an Italian restaurant, and that he footed the dinner bill of over 10,000 hkd. When asked if his girlfriend was there too, he quipped that lots of people were there, and that he got to cut two birthday cakes. And last night on his birthday 10/26, he invited Kent Cheng to dinner.

(What were your birthday wishes?)  Steven: Man at forty is like a flower. (Chinese idiom) and turning forty years old is stepping into the 2nd phase of life cycle. Earning money is of course among the wishes, more important is good health. Hope that family, friends and I all have good health.”  On his birthday eve dinner, when cutting the cake besides wishing for earning more money and good health, Steven also wished good health for everybody.  He said there are too many cast and crew members in the tv industry who have been oppressed, and he empathizes with them. Seeing the tv industry is now embarking on a new stage, he wishes good health for everybody because only with good health can one fight for the right path, and fight for what one should fight for.  When asked when is he going to get married? Steven played dumb and said: “I drank too much last night, still not sober yet!” When pressed, he answered evasively that anyway he is already a big boy, so whether work or personal matters, he have plans for them.

Aside, in December Steven will head to Hengdian to shoot Director Tsui Siu Ming’s new series, Founder of Yuan Empire. Before setting out, he will prepare suitable winter clothes. Steven is very happy to have the chance to work with Director Tsui Siu Ming and Hu Jun et al. Steven said: “I’ll make good use of this learning opportunity. It is a good training platform. I’ll treasure it.”

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