Friday, October 21, 2011

One Pen Ma: I love Badminton

Truly love to play badminton; friends said I have reached the fanatic level. Haha! Called me a badminton fanatic, I can’t object. So, who initiated this fervency into me? Many years ago because of shooting an interview program, I got to know Amy Chan Nim Chi (former HK badminton team member) so came in contact with badminton, this sport. For that, Amy can definitely be considered my initiation teacher.

From first contact to passion, from amateurish playing and rudimentary know-how to learning badminton playing techniques from Coach Ng Leung Wah, my enthusiasm towards badminton only increases. The more I learn the more I want to do it well, the more I know the more I want to improve. Actually, what attracts me to badminton?

Sometimes restrained sometimes swift, hang and smash, hit the four corners, attack vs defense, techniques for single vs double play etc. Every decision, every small change has to be decided almost instantaneously; in the heat of the game mind has to be calm and clear, judgment has to be precise and quick. This kind of pressure exacted from making decision within such a short span of time is the best kind of stress releasing for me.

After my contact with badminton sport, not only did I become healthier but happier too! So I really have to say: “Badminton, thank you!”
TN: Badminton is not a very popular sport in the US.  I used to play badminton indoor at the university I attended but now where I live there is no nearby badminton court.  And if want to play then have to join a badminton club whose members rented a local school gym for playing badminton.  I am not that much of badminton player so I play occasionally on my driveway with my family, and without a net at that. And of course at the mercy of the winds.  Still it was fun.

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  1. Yeah!!! Badminton is not popular in my country either. But I had has an opportunity to learn it since I was young. It is funny when recall how I "met" with badminton. That day, When I am just a little girl, I saw some kids just like me played Badminton at the park, so I begged my parents to let me learn it... I just regret that these years I cannot play it more often, I am a senior student now, have to learning very hard then.
    Just like Steven said, Badminton is really a most relaxing sport ever.