Sunday, October 23, 2011

Steven Ma Stands Firm to Terminate Contract

Shooting Series in Mainland, Steven will be absent in TVB Anniversary Ceremony
wenweipo @ 10/23/2011

Steven Ma and Linda Chung’s new series, Prosperous Father, held its production wrap-up celebratory dinner at Tsim Sha Tsui two nights ago. (10/21) The attendees included producer Miu Siu Ching, and cast members Steven Ma, Ha Yu, Tracy Ip, Samantha Ko.

Steven has earlier met with Stephen Chan and Mark Lee (tn: on contract issues). At the celebratory dinner two nights ago, Steven disclosed that TVB has already made some concession, and has also amended his contractual provisions. Steven said: “If not amended, I would not have been able to accept Legend of Yuan Empire Founder, so for that I’m very grateful to them both!” Steven said that he had hoped to have his contract terminated at the time he accepted “LOYEF”. He said: “From the first day I made my request my mindset has never wavered. TVB management is well aware of my issues. So I hope we can come to an agreement before I head up north, so that my mind can be at ease when shooting the series.”

When queried if Steven’s mind is set, he said: “I’ve been with TVB for 18 years; it’s not that I’m dissatisfied with TVB but rather I disagree with the department that handles the artists management contracts and its departmental operations. I just can’t accept it!"

When asked if it was problems with the head of the artists management department, Virginia Lok, Steven said candidly that he would not specifically pick on anybody, and further elaborated: “I'm not a good fit but that doesn’t mean others aren’t either. Just that I no longer wish to collaborate with the artists management department. If TVB can agree to my requests then we go ahead and discuss another path!”

When asked if he does not wish Ms. Lok to be his manager, Steven said: “My job requires the management department to act as intermediary. Anyway, I don’t wish to pick on other people’s problems. If it is difficult to collaborate together then should not force it!”

Earlier, Roy Chow, after making a complaint to Ms. Lok, also ended up parting in bad terms. Steven pointed out that it had nothing to do with him so he would not comment on it. Also at this time, he announced that he would not be attending TVB anniversary ceremony since he would be concentrating in shooting his mainland series.

When asked if he had confidence at resolving the contract negotiation before month end, Steven said: “I hope that before I leave we can come to a agreement. TVB and I still have space to collaborate. Regardless of what kind of contractual form in the end, TVB's ‘maternal home’ status will not change!”

On a different subject, there are reports that Ricky Wong has been poaching TVB golden producer, Miu Siu Ching. Siu Ching jie graciously admitted that she would make her decision after taking a break. She said: “I feel that the future outlook looks wonderful. I’ll think about it after my Christmas break in December. Hubby Kah Ho’s series will start production in November!”

When asked if Mr. Wong had been vigorously trying to tempt her with silver bullets. Siu Ching jie said: “Money is not the most important consideration. Regardless stay or leave, we (along with Lau Kah Ho) will do it together. Moreover, I have an employee contract with TVB so even if I leave 'll have to give a half year's notice!

TN: No matter how reporter baited Steven with leading questions, Steven refused to bite.
Singpao Newspaper

Steven says he is still negotiating with TVB on his contract; cannot use "see-saw" to describe his relationship with TVB.  He says; "I'm grateful to TVB top management. Our contract negotiation has been going well. I candidly expressed my opinions to them. They have a clear understanding of my issues.  Actually we can collaborate in another form of collaboration."   So Steven still unwavering in terminating his contract?  He says: "I've collaborated with TVB for many years, so have feelings. TVB is my "maternal home', I just don't want to be under that manager, and it is the problem of my being against anybody.  We are all adults, if don't click then don't force it. Not need to comment too much. (Did you discuss with Ms. Lok?) No, it doesn't matter who to discuss with. He expresses that he hopes the new series, Legend of the Yuan Dynasty Founder, can be done before CNY festival.


  1. Hi Tamaya, do you know when Steven is leaving for mainland to film Legend of the Yuan Dynasty Founder?

  2. From some report: tentative time is November 1. But not verified by Steven on weibo.

  3. Thank you for your reply. I just look forward to seeing Steven in the costumes of the Yuan :-).