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News on Legend of the Yuan Empire Founder

Legend of the Yuan Empire Founder, a grand and epic drama. He Yan Ni and Steven Ma to portray a genuine relationship. 《建元风云》现壮阔史诗 何彦霓马浚伟上演真情

The epic drama “Legend of the Yuan Empire Founder” (LOTYEF) directed by Director Tsui Siu Ming having finished its 1st phase shoot in Mongolia has now officially relocated its filming to Hengdian*. The drama is told from Kublai Khan’s perspective; in a panoramic view to artistically reproduce the whole process of the founding of the Yuan Dynasty and its reunification of China. This is a grand project of epic proportion. In the series, He Yan Ni (何彦霓) is Kublai Khan’s wife's, Cha Bi (Charmaine Sheh), close friend, Yun Lin. In the series, besides fighting with Charmaine Sheh over Hu Jun, (Kublai Kha), she and Hong Kong TVB famous actor, Steven Ma, will also collaborate for the first time; their touching love relationship is another aspect of her storyline.

He Yan Ni and Steven Ma’s first collaboration. Feel‘Happy’ in Entangled Emotion.

He Yan Ni along with “LOTYEF” troupe, having shot for almost two months in Mongolia, have now officially changed their battlefield to Hengdian. This grand epic series, a 150 million (rmb) production directed by Director Tsui Siu Ming, depicts the founding of the Yuan Dynasty and its unification of China. He Yan Ni portraying Yun Lin in the series will have a moving relationship with HK TVB actor, Steven Ma Chun Wai, who portrays Liu BingZhong. “This time the love relationship’s portion is comparatively heavier. Besides sticking with Hu Jung through thick and thin, in the series my relationship with Steven is also very moving.” Though He Yan Ni is involved in a multi-relationship she said she is very happy: “Because whether it is Hu Jun or Steven, I’ve watched many of their works. Like Steven’s TVB series, they are still fresh as new in my memory, so really looking forward to our collaboration.”

He Yan Ni braved the inclement weather while filming in Mongolia.

Earlier while filming Legend of the Yuan Empire Founder in Duo Lun in Inner Mongolia, its cast and crew were all greatly tested by the harsh weather conditions there. “The severe weather conditions often affected the filming progress, also, the outdoor riding scenes were all very challenging” but strong and competitive He Yan Ni jested: “But this extreme nature experiences only served to stimulate my feelings in thes series. Hopefully, the later part of the production goes more smoothly.” Though the filming condition was arduous but so far from the viewpoint of filming progress and outcome, the producers are all extremely satisfied. The cast all did an outstanding job; the confidence is high that this will be a grandeur epic work for the public to watch.

Allegedly, LOTYEF will stay in Hengdian to film for at least two and a half months before relocating back to Inner Mongolia in places such as Ordos for scenery background.

credit: SM Baidu

TN: Hengdian, China
Wikipedia: Hengdian World Studios (Chinese: 横店影视城) is the largest film studio in the world. It is located in Hengdian, a town in the city of Dongyang in Zhejiang Province. The movie studio is operated by the privately-owned Hengdian Group founded by a farmer turned millionaire Xu Wenrong. Sometimes called "Chinawood", Xu turned acres of farmland in central Zhejiang into one of the largest movie studio in Asia. Construction began in the mid-1990s and have been ongoing ever since with the possible recent addition of the replica of the Old Summer Palace.

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