Wednesday, November 2, 2011

weibo 11/2

11/2/09:46 Monk Zi Cong aka Liu Bingzhong!

11/2 14:27 Liu BingZhong, who left the monastery to be a government official, has many makeovers.  For this, really have to thank image consultant for her painstaking makeovers @  @bobo吳寶玲, thank you! Also, turns out that one of the directors in Lotyef is Lee Yuan Ke, a former TVB veteran. I'm so stoked by such an unexpected fate to collaborate! P.S. Long time no ride a horse, need to re-learn.... actually very happy, but strangely, my look seems out of sorts! heehee!

TN: Steven sounds sooo happy!Check out the modern white car, lol! Guess Steven was just ambling along on the horse to get a feel of getting back on saddle. Yeah, why the pensive face?

Chinese weibo entry below

還俗當官的劉秉忠,有很多不同造型,這真要謝謝美術形象指導@bobo吳寶玲 bobo姐的精心設計,感謝妳!另外,原來「建元風雲」的其中一名導演正是曾在TVB工作的前輩李元科,難得有緣合作,真是倍感興奮!p.s.很久沒騎馬,要好好重溫一下了......其實很開心的,但奇怪樣子看來很不爽呢!嘻嘻

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