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2003 Afternoon Tea Radio Interview

2003 Radio Interview. (Mandarin)
Steven promoting his 2003 Mandarin album, A Romantic Holiday, in China.  

《浪漫假期》 album specially cut for Mainland market
For those who understand mandarin. This is a 2003 30-minute China Zhengzhou radio station interview with Steven. Steven was promoting his 1st Mainland, China music album entitled《浪漫假期》Romantic Holidays.  Of all his Mandarin interviews, this was the most fluent I heard from him.  During the interview, the station played several of his new songs.
baidu link to music album covers: here
Transcript on speaking Mandarin and on dubbing @ 18:51

H =Host
S= Steven

H: Actually, Steven, your Mandarin is so much more better than I expected.
S: Actually making this Mandarin album I ...
H: Have you done it before?
S: Actually, way back I did release a Mandarin album in Taiwan, around 1995. Did some promotion there and learned some Mandarin. Later when I returned to Hong Kong I liked to speak Mandarin. Also even back then around 1995 I watched quite a lot of Mandarin tv programs, and often read the newspaper aloud in Mandarin. To me, this is important.

H: Like how we practice broadcasting.
S: Right, I think this is very important. But luckily in Hong Kong I have many friends who can speak Mandarin well so I had them speak Mandarin with me.

H: In your past tv series aired in Mainland they are all dubbed by others in Mandarin?
S: Yes, all dubbed by others.

H: Next time no need to have others dubbed, appreciate both Steven's voice and his series simultaneously, to get a complete Steven.

S: What I'd like to say is this: regardless tv series or movie, if it is in Mandarin I really hope to dub it myself. It maybe that some of my pronunciation is still not of standard precision but I think if I had the script beforehand I would have time to do some homework preparation and during filming I would exert my very best to precisely pronounce the lines because I believe during the acting process, line delivery is a great help, to help you project the emotion and actions.

H: Very true, voice is also part of the within acting. Steven, keep working on it.

Steven says he likes Air Supply, Eagles, Jacky Chueng, Robby Williams, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Na Ying, Emil Chow, Faye Wong etc. He loves listening to mandarin the best.
When Steven sang Defiled on, 4:53 he mentioned that he incorporated some of his feelings into the lyrics and hopes that the audience can connect to the song. Steven sang 2 songs in all. Debased is a difficult song to sing because of its sharp change in pitch.
most of the songs except 重生 can be viewed on utube if they are not deleted. 
opening song, 重生("排毒美颜宝" 广告曲)(duet 陈建颖)is one of my favorite songs.
Steven also sang it in a Cantonese version.
2nd song:永远的诺言 mandarin themesong for a Mainland TV series 紫荆勋章
3rd song: 浪漫假期 mandarin
4rd song: 多此一吻 cantonese
5th song: 茉莉 mandarin 玫瑰和家明 tune
6th song: 突然假期 cantonese
closing song: 孤单旅程 solitary journey
All the songs, except 自闭,  糟蹋, on his 《切勿自闭,糟蹋自己》Withdrawn/Defiled album are played during the interview
Steven co-wrote 糟蹋 (Defiled)
The song was composed Steven + Sonija scandal.
"love got defiled and hurt,
In the end, what you got for
is the phrase "serve you right"
so who'd dare to love"
Fans were so taken aback when we found out that this article writer was actually male, the very dj of this radio interview. He started his article with this exclamation : "Steven is very, very handsome." (shuai)

Article by the male dj of Music for Afternoon Tea
~~Steven Ma is very handsome~~
He is really very, very handsome. His complexion (skin) is excellent. haha! He is Steven Ma, everybody calls him Ma Zai. This week program will air his 2003 August pre-recorded interview when he was in Zheng Zhou promoting his newly released Romantic Holidays 《浪漫假期》music album. 

I remember on the day he came in for recording, many of my colleagues both male and female all rushed over to my office to get his signature and to have pictures taken with him.  Surprising Steven was very approachable and fulfilled their requests with alacrity. Actually, for mainland audience we knew Steven through some of his tv series.   From Files of Justice 4 & 5 to the much well-known Xiao Xuan Zi Kangxi in Duke of Mt. Deer to the annoying, bratty rich kid in Ultra Protection, and also Dr. Joe in Healing Hands 1, Steven has portrayed many believable and memorable characters. 

Steven's this music album "Romantic Holidays"  is his first release in the mainland market.  The album comprises of both new and selective songs and is underwritten by China Shanghai Music Company (中唱上海公司) .  In fact, it was Ms. Lily Di of that company who brought him over for this radio interview in Zheng Zhou.....(talks about the music album)

Steven is approachable, which comes through in this upcoming program. Also, he is very warm and easy to talk to. The whole program process was very happy. One thing I want to point out is Steven's good vocal.  You all can also hear that from his singing, warm, ( 沙沙 的), and very masculine. When my colleague, 江帆,  heard our program, he said Steven's voice was trumped all our male broadcasters.  Haha! It's true, his voice is of the sonorous kind, and very magnetic. Judge for yourself.

sina blog source


其实对于内地的朋友,我们熟悉马浚伟是从他演的一些戏开始的。从《一号皇庭》第四部和第五部,到我们熟得不能再熟悉的《鹿鼎记》里的小玄子康熙,再到《非常保镖》中那个看了就让人生厌的阔少爷,还有98年演出《妙手仁心 I》的陈卓尧,马浚伟演绎了一个又一个生动而让人过目不忘的人物。





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