Monday, February 20, 2012

Emperor Kangxi boarding a plane

Haha! Steven's Kangxi id has been floating around on the net for the longest time. Supposedly to be one of the top seller of fake ids.  Now it even made it to the news.  The headline: Emperor Kangxi boarding a plane?  At the Guangzhou Bai Yun airport, a male almost missed his plane because he had the fake id sticker taped on the emblem side of his id card.  Although the other side of the id had the male's proper info the sticker inadvertently covered up the issue and expiration dates.

weiboan responses:
1) That's no Kangxi, that's Steven Ma.
2) Well, at least he's pretty good looking
3) That looks like Steven Ma, no?
4) Haha! That's Steven Ma la
5)Steven lying down also get shot by gun
6) Wah, he looks a lot like Steven Ma.
7) The best looking Kangxi in all of DOMD
8) What a cute Kangxi.
9) I want that sticker. Where can I get it?
10) Steven Ma is red hot now, all over the paper.

sina news 
His Majesty, Emperor KangXi, wanted to catch a flight for Chongqing but was instead arrested by airport security. Yesterday at 1 pm, wanting to catch the flight for Chongqing, Mr. Zhang arrived at Bai Yun Airport security check point. When the security personnel examined his identity card, he noticed that the name on it was Aixin Jueluo, Xuan Ye.  Turn out that this Mr. Zhang because was being playful pasted a street bought sticker on the emblem back side of the card.  The airport security cautioned the public not to casually stick anything on the identity card making it difficult for identification, subsequently delaying the board process.  

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