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Passenger's Fake Kangxi ID card almost cost him his flight

Steven's Kang Xi portrayal is arguably the best loved and classic to mainland tv audience (those who have watched Domd 1998) . Steven's face is conjured up at the mention of young Emperor Kangxi to these people. In the past, fake id cards of tv and historical figures were cheap to come by but nowadays the better quality sticker id cards can cost up to 20 rmb each.

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source: sina entertainment news

2/21/2012 His Majesty, Emperor KangXi, wanted to catch a flight to Chongqing, China, but was instead detained by airport security. Yesterday at 1 pm, wanting to catch the flight to Chongqing, Mr. Zhang arrived at Bai Yun Airport security check point. When the security personnel examined Mr. Zhang's identity card, the former noticed that the name on it was Aixin Jueluo, Xuan Ye. Turn out that this Mr. Zhang because of being playful had adhered a street bought sticker on the emblem (back) side of the card. However, the sticker inadvertently obscured the man's id card issue and expiry data so its authenticity could not be validated.The situation was further aggravated when the sticker could not be readily peeled off from the card. The time lost trying to validate the authenticity of the card almost cost the passenger his flight.The airport security cautioned the public not to mindlessly stick anything on the identity card creating unnecessary security problems for them, subsequently delaying the whole boarding process.


I bet Steven received 100s of weibo tags to the news report. His weibo reply:

Steven Ma 2012-2-21 12:30: Old Domd's drama picture....fortunately not me taking it to board a plane. Frankly, should not use this plaything for real, illegal at the same time inconvenient other people. Don't la!

TN: I wasn't going to post the news here but it was just too funny to resist. The news originated in Guangzhou newspaper quickly spread like a wild fire onto other newspapers, and it is now very 'hot' on weibo garnering thousands of replies and being reported in numerous tv stations in China.   Poor Steven, 'lying flat on the ground still get shot'. (Chinese cyber lingo)

Top 10 common responses on weibo in no particular order:
1) What an idiot!
2) Well, at least he's pretty good looking (for those who don't know that was Steven's pix not the perpetrator's)
3) That looks like Steven Ma, no?
4) Haha! That's Steven Ma la
5)Steven lying flat on the ground still get shot (Chinese cyber lingo)
6) Wah, he looks a lot like Steven Ma.
7) The best looking young Kangxi in DOMD
8) Lol, so funny!
9) I want that sticker. Where can I get it?
10) So stupid!


Posted 26 May 2010 - 11:59 PM AF SM thread
I've posted this Kangxi pix of Steven before a few years back, but 2-3 weeks ago, a funny incident (as reported in the news snippet below) brought it back into limelight. And just yesterday, Steven found out about that incident and posted a news snippet on it in his weibo. I can imagine Steven's cracking up at discovering his Emperor Kangxi transcending time. Those unscrupulous bootleggers must have found this id on Steven Ma baidu or Xiao Xuan Zi baidu, and made money out of it. Ingenious! IIrc, a Steven fan designed this identity card a few years ago and uploaded online.

paraphrase of a news snippet
To get the interest of the primary and middle students, toys bootleggers sure wrack their brains. They even had Emperor Kangxi’s identity card for sell. May 6th 2010, while patrolling a neighborhood, the police noticed that a store next to an elementary school had 2 bags of Emperor Kangxi’s identity cards. According to the store owner, these identity cards were bought by merchants from a nearby wholesale market. Each bag contained 2-ID packets priced at 5ct each. Most of the buyers were students who collected the card as a kind of toy. The store owner said he had so far sold Cao Cao’s ID and Han Wudi’s, which all sold very well. Because this Emperor Kangxi’s identity cards were not legal identity card, the police duly confiscated these two bags of Emperor Kangxi’s ID cards.  

Steven only just found out about this incident where he supposedly transcended time to today’s world, he laughed and said: “I’m curious to see for myself the identity card."


 source sm baidu

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