Friday, February 24, 2012

Fan group visit at hengdian 2/28 - updated

2/23 16:48  Steven: Hahahaha! Come ba[鼓掌] Also, have to say this cute little piggies. I welcome you all to visit on the 28 but please, please don't give me stuff. Just your being here with your heart is enough Remember ya! [ok]@馬浚偉baidu :Those who want to see 4th Brother face to face at Hengdian 2/28, please sign up quickly. 

2/28 is the last day of LOYEF production in Hengdian. Don't know if Steven is going to Manchurian to shoot on location or not.
About 30 fans estimated plan to visit Steven at Hengdian on this coming Tuesday!

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