Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Interview: Steven reveals behind the scenes in WTLB

Steven talks about a 'disgusting' thing that happens during his filming. There he was doing this heartrending scene with Ada.  The scene was after Cao Ji's wife is laid to rest, and Cao Ji and son were banished to the frontier. Yan Fu visited Cao Ji to say goodbye and present a silk coat to the latter son.  So as Cao Ji turned to leave, his tears did not fall but instead his nose was off running uncontrollably with copious mucous. And Steven went overdrive into detailing his running nose and the 2 columns of mucous. yak yak yak he carried on and painted a vivid picture. But luckily as he turned the camera shot was on Yan Fu, but so as not to disrupt others' concentration with his action he did not wipe away his snot. But Yan Fu called up to him, and he turned around to look at her, and Ada seeing his two streams of flowing mucous burst out laughing and said,  "What's the matter with you. No tears but lots of mucous!"  Everybody could not hold back their laughter and laugh uproariously." haha!

And to change the subject, the hostess asks him his most memorable scene in the series. Steven says its is Yan Fu's death scene. That so unfair when living Cao Pi separates the star crossed lovers, even in her dying moment Cao Pi still separates them by cradling Yan Fu in his arms and the camera just panned on them and cut off Cao Ji in his grief, luckily in the last moment of Yan Fun's life, her eyes turn to look at Cao Ji, the one she truly loves, with her last glance before dying.

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